Not a creature was stirring

Scratch that. There's a mouse. I should have added this to the Mo theme from the first of the month, but it slipped my mind. (How is this possible? I have no idea.) Y'see, the night before Movember 1st, The Lovely Wife swore she saw something skittering downstairs. I of course passed it off as pure hallucination, and she quickly agreed it was probably a figment of her imagination; after all, we do have leaves blowing into the house when the door opens, and it could have been that. It could have been, but it probably wasn't.

Last night, however, fears were confirmed. An unwanted guest darted along the wall and disappeared around the corner. And today there are four baited traps and three ultrasonic doohickeys plugged into wall sockets, merrily humming their 'go away mousey, go away' tune. I must admit, I'm torn. I'd certainly rather not catch, or see evidence of a mouse ever again, and just believe that the ultrasonic doohickeys are doing their job, but that logic is right up there with the belief that we have just one mouse.

We lived in a 110-year old flat a few years back that had mice a mouse, and we clearly believed we'd left all that behind us when we moved out of that place, and eventually into this one: a 28 year old house that backs onto a large green belt (i.e. wooded area that might be home to rodents as well as lawn-munching raccoons). Perhaps all of this is not outside the realm of possibility, but it's still disappointing nonetheless. But so it is.

Now the battle is on, and this time it's serious.

I'm going in with guns blazing.

I'm taking no prisoners.

I'm using light peanut butter. (Nobody needs high cholesterol!)

We just won't compare the pest to Mickey. Those are very different animals, though I must admit, I do find them annoying in their own special ways.

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SRH said... 12:06 AM, November 07, 2007  

We took care of our mouse issue with Aveno oatmeal bath and some heavy duty trashbags. I can be quite the MacGyver.

Megan said... 1:09 AM, November 07, 2007  

haha. I lived in a basement dungeon for a few months, and had tons of mice. Caught one. Poor thing. Good luck.

Candy said... 10:39 AM, November 07, 2007  

I've had mice. Now I have cats.

At first the mice were stupid, and entered the domain anyway. Have you ever tried to pry a live mouse out of the jaws of an amused and interested kitty? The only way it can be done is to throw a blanket over the cat and deposit all three items - blanket, cat, mouse - out of doors.

You pretty much have to figure, any mouse stupid enough to come into the house where cats live is on his own once you release them all back into the wild.

Steph said... 8:05 PM, November 10, 2007  

Each year I await the arrival of the mice. It's like a ritual in our house... I spend an afternoon in the pantry, sweeping out the turds, washing the shelves, throwing the vandalized food and repackaging the rest in plastic containers.

We've had mouse murders in our house for years... remind me to tell you the story about the dog, the sticky trap and the scared, wet mouse.

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