New Frontiers in Food - The Parsnip

If it seems like I've been beating this Organic Food Box thing to death lately, it's only because our everyday lives have been turned on their respective ears by looking for new ways to use food we've either never cooked before, or to prepare dishes other than the go-to dish (i.e. The Lovely Wife made her first coleslaw over the weekend, which turned out fabulous, but now that we've done that, we'll be broadening our cabbage repertoire). So far, it's been a fun and relatively non-life-threatening journey.

In the spirit of adventure and global benevolence, I present to you the next best way to enjoy parsnips, other than beside the roast of your choice. Sinfully simple, you may find yourself adding this to your list of comfort foods, it's that good.

Parsnip Fritters

1 lb parsnips
4 tbsp butter or margarine
1/2 tsp ginger
1/2 tsp salt

Peel and chop parsnips into largish pieces. Boil for 10 minutes. Drain. Add 2 tbsp butter, ginger and salt. Mash until smooth. Lightly flour your hands and form parsnips into 1-1/2 inch balls. Flatten slightly and brown them on both sides in a cast-iron pan with the remaining butter.


Sadly, they were so good I didn't even get to take pictures. I kid you not, both of my children tried them. The Lovely Wife wasn't a fan, but she was probably just saving room for more beets. A word of advice: When at our dinner table, if it sounds like TLW is offering you the last beet, she's really not. She's just giving you the chance to be chivalrous. Don't believe me? Turn down the last beet and see if she "insists you take it". Odds are she's got her fork in it while she's offering it to you. (Sorry, honey. I love you!)

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Steph said... 10:28 AM, November 20, 2007  

I LOVE parsnips. Love, love, love.

My dad served them to his friends in a stew at his hunting camp one fall and the next fall one of the guys asked, "Syd, are you going to serve those rotten carrots again? They weren't bad."

Ahem. Apparently not all families are conversant in vegetables.

Tanya said... 11:12 AM, November 20, 2007  

Oh all time favourite veggie. I have a wicked recipe for maple parsnips. So delish!

We used to get beets in our organic hamper all the time too. The only way I could stomach them is to cook them as usual, then cut them up really fine and pan-fry with cooked diced potatoes, some onion and a little cooked and chopped up bacon. Yummy and makes the potatoes a lovely pink too!

If you still get a lot of kale (we got a crapload of that as well...), I used to bake ours with some olive oil, a little salt and parmesan. Doesn't take long to cook...10 minutes at the absolute most. Crispy and not bad!

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