This is it, folks. Thirty days of hairy blog posting. (Though I promise it won't all be about the Mo.) I take it as a positive sign that the Mo is being featured prominently in my daily life.


1) This morning, Younger Son streaked up and down the hallway, diaper in hand, paying homage to Mickey Mouse ("Mo"! He screamed...). Yes, the Mouse is now on the Huggies diaper. I'm told it took some years for Huggies to retire Pooh Bear. You're wondering who notices these things? Apparently we do.

2) Today I became a member of the Lanny McDonalds, a local Mo growing team who formed after I put the bug in a coworker's ear (which resulted in her attaining her Mo Sista title). The Lanny McDonalds. As a special kick-off fundraising stunt, they staged a Grow-In at their place of work. Picture six guys sitting behind a table, with an enormous tip jar, offering the following:
To my amazement, they raised well over $100 over a lunch hour. I've also made inroads for staging a Gala Parté in town at a moustache-themed pub. Probably also didn't know those existed, did ya? Anyway, if you're going to be in the area, let me know and I'll make sure you get an invitation.

3. Sadly, Robert Goulet left us this week. However, he did leave us with a Mo worthy of envy:

I'm not sure I can pull that one off in only 30 days, but Brianna, one of my chief Mo Sistas and the real reason I started this in the first place, says she'll up her donation to $50 (getting more expensive in US dollars every day!) if I can muster up some handlebars.

For reference:

Day 1: Ready, set.... mo!

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Jonathan said... 1:05 PM, November 02, 2007  

I have often joked with my other half about growing a huge old handlebar moustache, but she has threatened me with all sorts of things if I do :)

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