Might as well start raking today

One of the great things about living where I live is all the fall colours. The vast hills and valleys that skirt the city, and sometimes right in the city, explode with an array of reds, yellows, and oranges starting in late September and going right into mid-October. This season we've been been cursed with some pretty bad wind storms, the first of which came early and blew so hard that trees were losing their leaves even before they had a chance to turn. Then a cold snap caused some trees to go straight to brown, skipping the colourful phase altogether.

But for the last day or so, we've been accepting the offerings of extra-tropical* storm Noel (The Hurricane Formerly Known As Noel), which brought 120 km/hr winds and rain to town. The radio stations said not to go near the shore, and to stay off the streets. We, being the rebels that we are, ignored both of those pieces of advice and headed straight downtown to the Pier for a black-tie charity event to benefit the children's hospital. The event was fabulous, made even better by the entertainment. A Cuban rhythm band made up entirely of 12-17 year olds which blew the attendees away, a stunning headliner who is known as "baby Stevie Ray Vaughn", and to my surprise and glee, an appearance by The Cottars, who I had thought broke up, never to be heard from again. I can imagine the worst part of the evening might have been my endless gushing over The Cottars, though I believe they lived up to all the my hype.

Storm raging outside, or so we thought, we called it a night right after the entertainment was finished, only to enjoy a drive home that was infinitely less risky than the drive to the venue. The rains had largely stopped, but the winds howled through the night and into the morning. The kids safely at their grandparents' house for the night, The Lovely Wife and I slept with reckless abandon and woke up to some windy conditions but with the power still on. (The same can't be said for some 120,000 other folks in the province.) Looking outside, however, it doesn't appear many trees hung on to their leaves. Upside: our seasonal view of the harbour is appearing a month early!

This just in: I've been told that before I have my shower and head over to rescue my in-laws collect the kids, I'd better go out and pick up the garbage can and compost container. I'm also told to bring a shovel. Oh, Noel, you crafty fox, you.

*as though we had a choice. Also, I think "extra tropical" suggests we're getting some kind of bonus here. Whee...

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Brianna said... 10:59 AM, November 04, 2007  

The Cottars played as a surprise?!?! That's AWESOME (Did they play "I know who is sick?" if so I demand you tell me about it in detail!).

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