Hypothetical lessons in domesticity

Say you and your Lovely Wife decide to go greener, and begin by purchasing a certain eco-friendly liquid soap to use variously throughout the house, cleaning this and that and pretty much replacing all those terribly harsh chemicals you used to employ with reckless abandon.
Say, also, that about that same time, your son began potty training with one of those seats that fits on top of the regular toilet seat, but usually gets pretty dirty because, hey, he's a little boy, and if he wants to grow up to be a big boy with really bad aim in the bathroom, it doesn't come without a lot of practice.
Then, just hypothetically speaking, in keeping with general cleanliness in the bathroom, you decide to periodically wash the abovementioned potty seat with that same eco-friendly liquid soap, because it is your new BFF and by the principle of transitivity you are the earth's BFF.
But unfortunately the combination of the unknown herbal scent of the liquid soap mixing with that which you're washing from the potty seat is undeniably off-putting. And so you stop using that soap for some time. Long enough, in fact, that the potty seat is no longer in use, and you have not only forgotten about that terrible smell, but have also forgotten exactly which brand and scent of eco-friendly liquid soap it was in the first place.
Now, just for argument's sake, let's suppose that several months later, while shopping for a refill for a liquid hand soap that has just run out in the house, you pick up what you believe is a new, also eco-friendly hand soap that you have no previous experience with.
If, in fact, that product turns out to be the same type and scent as the one you once traumatized your olfactory senses with by cleaning a potty seat, you will have a markedly more difficult time using that eco-friendly soap for just about anything, let alone washing hands and dishes, as you are overcome by a smell that will evermore remind you of a dirty potty seat. 
Tea tree? More like tea pee.

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Candy said... 12:23 PM, November 09, 2007  

Ahhh olfactory power at work! I am the same way, once I've associated a smell I dislike with something I can never go back.

Karen said... 5:51 PM, November 09, 2007  

Tea tree = moldy basement smell. Has rendered the stuff unusable for me. But I am afraid my basement has been trumped by your hypothetical potty seat.

Steph said... 8:16 PM, November 10, 2007  

Mr. Happy purchased a bottle of Lavender dish soap a couple weeks ago. We're both in agreement that cleaning fish out of a pan with the delicate scent of lavendar mingling in your nose with the relative stench of fish juice... well, it's as sick-making as that commercial where the lady cleans the refrigerator door with a raw chicken breast.

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