The weekend that was

Yes, yes, I know. I've been away a lot lately. And not just away from the blog. I've had an unprecedented number of outings for pleasure this year (not that kind of pleasure, you sicko. Okay, a little of that pleasure. But you didn't hear that from me.) This past weekend, we celebrated Five Years of Her Putting Up With My Crap in a Legal Union. That's right, folks. We've reached the first of the notable anniversaries, if you ask me. Sure, the first one is kind of nice to celebrate, but usually you can get that first year under your belt without even trying, and then you're caught looking at the last minute for something made out of paper to show that you're really very attentive and you looked up what the traditional gifts were for each anniversary year. Or, you know, something like that.

We were given a night's stay at a cottage very near to where The Lovely Wife garnered her moniker, and subsequently when it became blatantly obvious that I was usurping Sween's girlfriend-now-wife's moniker, even though it was done with no mal-intent whatsoever. Three days later I would stop rambling and actually get to a description of the weekend, forsaking this stream of consciousness writing style that seems to taken over.

So anyway, we stayed in a cottage, and we were the only guests in the dozen seaside units. I suppose that's the reward for visiting so darn late in the season. We ate early, drank wine, and barbecued on the deck after the torrential rainstorm had ended. There was a stream that sounded as though it was very, very close to the cottage. We soon learned it ran underneath the cottage. TLW, being an unofficial structural engineer, postulated just how much rain the stream would be able to assimilate before washing out the pilings and sending us down the hill into the ocean. After that, we slept remarkably well.

Okay, that was a lie. The only drawback of an otherwise impossibly cute cottage was a mattress which only that flaky, artsy, broke-ass roommate you had in university could appreciate for its hardness. "It's good for my back", he'd say. "It's not good to sleep on a soft mattress", he'd also say. I never believed him now, and apparently I still don't. However, the Sealy Rock-u-pedic did give me an excuse to get out of bed early (7:30 is early when you don't have kids waking you up, right?) and jump into the Jacuzzi tub for the second time in 12 hours. Harry Potter, I will get through your damn stories yet.

Did I mention that this was our five-year anniversary? Well, it was. And (as you undoubtedly know) the five-year gift is "wood", I gave The Lovely Wife a pair of carved seagulls from a local artisan to adorn her desk. I wasn't sure if she would assume I meant them to be representative of the two of us, or of our sons, so I didn't indicate either. I would come off as romantic, or sweet and thoughtful. How could I lose? She opened the box, smiled, thanked me, and in the next minute she walked them around on her lap and made them kiss. See? Romantic. Throw in a poem that she actually watched me write on her card in about two minutes, and I had become wonderhusband. If only I could fix cars and possess a six pack (rather than possess the ability to put one away), I could be a lust interest in a Harlequin Romance. She got me a laser printer which, though it has a slightly secondary link to "wood", pretty much kicks my present's ass.

The two gifts I have yet to mention are the fabulous gift of a 'night away', which would not have been possible if The Grammie and Papa hadn't taken the kids off our hands, and the gift of scarlet fever that we returned to on Sunday. I should clarify. Only Younger Son came down with the rash; the rest of us are no blotchier than normal. But, thanks to the moldy work of Alexander Fleming, the Amoxil is at this moment coursing through his tiny veins and hopefully saving us from any of the Scarlet Fever's nasty associated illnesses.

And so it's (kinda) back to work for the rest of us, save for a few juggled workdays here and there.

Pictures forthcoming (No, not of THAT. Man, you people really are sick.)

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Steph said... 12:06 PM, October 23, 2007  

Aw - sounds like the two of you had a nice night away, despite the Rock-U-Pedic.

I had heard that Scarlet Fever was in the midst of a "come back" tour... I just didn't know it had made its way to Nova Scotia. Good times.

cronznet said... 1:24 PM, October 23, 2007  

Sorry to hear about YS's illness!
Good for you two to get away for the anniversary--and may you have many more happy years together!

Candy said... 4:48 PM, October 23, 2007  

I assume you also gave her a "woody" so that should up your present just a bit, no?

Tanya said... 6:53 PM, October 23, 2007  

Scarlet fever?? Poor bug...hope the drugs to their thing and he's ship-shape soon.

And happy anniversary! "They" say seven is the year itch and all that. I made it! Woot!

SRH said... 9:38 PM, October 23, 2007  

Congrats on the 5-er! Sorry to hear about the fever.

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