Sassing Back: A Little Newsday Commentary

- I think if our leader of the opposition looked more like Ukraine's, and less like this, our official opposition party may have a better chance in the next election.
- While Canada is wasting time fretting over lead paint in toys, China shows us the real evils in the world. And make no mistake, it's no secret, Victoria.
- Folks, the times are changing, and I'm feeling a little uncomfortable when it comes to my sons' future adolescence and the unsavoury influence of society and the outside world. Take this heart-rending story, for example: Boys in polygamous sects are forced to share, or even give up some of their multiple, young wives. And they're facing EXPULSION from their clan for going against the grain. But the real shocker comes in the form of having their secret cache of "taboo" videos they've got hiding under their beds. Honestly, people: What is the world coming to when the movies young boys are secretly stashing in their sock drawer star Bruce Willis?
- If you lived near Gagetown, where Agent Orange was sprayed during the cold war, and you developed cancer, good news! You're entitled to some money from the government. Oh, but only if it was the stuff sprayed by the Americans over 7 days in '67 and '68. And only if you developed that cancer prior to 2006. And only if... oh, nevermind.
- Listening to the news of unrest across the globe, I find myself confused, formerly known as bewildered.  
- I'd chime in on this one, but I'm actively biting my tongue and keeping my mouth shut to contain tidal wave of bile threatening eruption from deep within.  I'm not deying that this book contains some true examples of being inconvenienced by having children, but I'm not ready for that brand of regret just yet. Suffice it to say that perhaps Ms. Maier's book, 40 Reasons for Not Having Children, will be educationally beneficial to those childless men and women who would someday also rue the day they had offspring who can, in her words, never be "wonderful." [Le sigh]
That's it, folks. You may now continue on with your important everyday business.  

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Megan said... 2:48 PM, October 01, 2007  

Hmm, interesting article (not having children). I think that not everyone is meant to have children, and that they certainly shouldn't feel pressured or like less of a man/woman. I also think that quite obviously, no child is perfect. I am also surprised that I have not heard of this book at all, living in France as I am. Guess it has been awhile since I went to a bookstore.

cronznet said... 5:20 PM, October 02, 2007  

I agree with all Megan says. I also think the allegedly bratty kiddos have clearly learned their attitude from their rather immature mom. Or maybe it is genetic.
As for Gagetown and the US govt's ideas about proper compensation? Some things never change in this country.

themikestand said... 7:32 PM, October 02, 2007  

megan: The article also mentions how Sarkozy borrowed some of her points for his campaign; apparently she was not amused by this.

cronznet: I should clarify. This is the Canadian government writing the checks. Some things never change around here, either.

cronznet said... 8:58 PM, October 02, 2007  

Sorry-confused by the reference to America and the similarity in attitude.

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