The Cycle of Love

Sometimes you get involved in something, and you're not really sure what you're into.

You have a feeling it's good. You can't wait for more.

Something has started.

Sometimes the love burns hot at first, and sometimes the fire builds and builds, but you know all along that at some point, you'll feel alive in the flame.

It's exciting; it's new. You're being consumed. You could lose yourself, just for a little while.

Everything just feels…


But you've been here before. Eventually, you sense the end is nearing. And as usual, you're just not ready for it.

Internally, you're pleading for more, but you know it's out of your control.

It's nothing you've done.

It's just the way it goes.

The Universe is reminding you that, just as you will continually play witness to the passing of the seasons, you are powerless in the hands of time.

Always the optimist, there exists a shred of hope. Maybe next time you're feel more fulfilled.

Next time.

But in the end, you're stuck in the same cycle of mania and heartbreak.

You know how it feels, don't you?


Wait. Aren't you watching Californication too?

Nods:Fodder inspired by David Duchovny, Harvey Danger, and the video ipod. Format inspired by Peter DeWolf and Jurgennation.

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