The sun gazed down like an angry eye

The vacation has just passed the half-way mark (okay, day 6 of 9, but who's counting?), and I'm writing in absence of an internet connection (a condition that seems both pathetic and admirable in its dedication, doesn't it?) Despite that, I feel the need for creative outlet other than behind the camera lens, something I have however enjoyed. This may amount to more of a journal entry than anything I've written in the 300-odd posts to date.

So far, Vacay '07 has left me with nothing to complain about; I know, you're considering ALT-F4 or Command + Q right about now, aren't you? After all, nothing interesting ever came of contented blogging! But I'm here to tell you, sometimes fun things can happen on family vacations, Chevy Chase movies notwithstanding. And thus I offer the following:

I have renewed my stance that I do not like sleeping in the same room as either of my kids (Younger Son especially). You see, the cottage we're currently inhabiting has two bedrooms upstairs and one downstairs, the latter of which is occupied by my mother, aka The Grandma (not The Grammie). The upper floor has a room with a double (or maybe a queen, I have no idea as we were only in it one night) that has been slept in mainly by Older Son, as we learned that keeping the boys in separate rooms would avert he dreaded 5 AM wake up call, as long as The Lovely Wife and I could stick it out on twin beds for a few nights (Actual conversation: "You know, we could just move into the twin bed room with the pack & play" -- "Sounds do-able." -- "And we could push the twin beds together." -- "Or not. Whatever"). So what we have is one VERY well rested preschooler, two moderately rested parents who are deathly afraid to even shift in their terribly hard beds, and one toddler who doesn't know the difference but is more likely to make it to six A.M. before screaming to be taken out of the goddamn pack & play already.

And so, after the initial rejigging of sleeping arrangements (The Grandma is sleeping just fine, thank you for asking), we only had to worry about what we would DO while on vacation, especially given the realities of rainy weather, the cold, cold ocean and the possibility that at any point I could run dangerously low on Irish Whiskey. So far, that hasn't turned out to be much of a problem: with a winery, a tourist-friendly, sheep farm, and a small city with more than a few possibilities (including a public library*, YMCA pool, but not the large event-tent with a sign outside reading: "Nightly Gospel Tent: No Collection!"), and the endless supply of photography fodder for the energetic shutterbug, we've managed to fill those times when dark clouds and scary jellyfish threaten the magical beach experience.

On the personal front, I was hoping for two things apart from the family bonding experience: a chance to get some free reading done, and a chance to learn a little more about the new camera (sick of hearing about that yet? Too bad.) -- so far, I've managed to read 40 pages of Nineteen Eighty-Four, which I'm sure will get good when I pick it back up again, and 50 pages and counting of Lord of the Flies, which I should think should make a profitable lawsuit against the makers of the TV series "Lost." I'm not sayin' anything, but if a polar bear makes an appearance in this book, it's a slam dunk. On the photography front, I've managed to shirk a few fatherly duties while on family excursions with the sole excuse of having Nicky (I named it. Sue me.) around my neck and her eyepiece welded to my face. They'll thank me some day. Or maybe not. I'm sure in time you, and possibly a judge, will be witness to my fantastic shutterbuggery. I did not, however, find the time to figure out how to effectively use a borrowed flash. Blame it on our good weather?

My hopes for the next three days include:
- Some good weather which will allow us to visit the local theme park, so we can find out if miniature golf is one of those sports which should be played with head and groin protection. My money's on yes.
- That the toddler (aka Younger Son) will either slow down enough, or become stable enough on his feet to let the bumps on his head heal
- That this week's breakfast regime of bagels with cheese and tomatoes will not be a habit which requires intervention to break (Only Ms. Lohan could truly understand)
- That a return to my own bed at home will allow me to make up for less than comfortable slumber, and perhaps work out a few of the kinks in my neck and back before returning to cubeville.

See you all soon

* which allowed me to upload the first six days of submissions to the 7days project. Go check it out.

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