Sometimes the funny just isn't worth it.

She stands in the doorway that separates the living room from the kitchen. In her hand, a receipt. She looks inquisitively at him.

She thinks: Do we have to save this?
She says: "Poutine? From St. Hubert?"

He thinks: Shit. She thinks I ate crap when I was away at ultimate last weekend. Hmm, but I didn't have poutine. I wouldn't have poutine. I had chicken. Yes, chicken. Maybe I brought someone else's receipt home? But nobody else had poutine at the table. Odd. Oh, wait. She's got the french wrong. It's not poutine at all.

He smiles knowingly at her. She puts one hand on her hip, waiting for the answer.

He motions with cupped hands to his chest with both hands, making the international sign for "breasts", and instantly regrets that action as he sees the look on her face change to one of pure puzzlement.

He thinks: Oh, shit. Now she thinks I went to a strip club. It's Quebec, after all. The strip clubs are all over the place there. But wait, why would I get a receipt for boobs at a strip club? Nevermind that. Put it right, bozo.

He says: "It's French. Not poutine. Poitrine. Chicken breast."

Her look of puzzlement disappears, but the expected look of humour or relief is not there.

She says: "So, do we have to save this?"

He says: "Uh, no."

She walks away, the sound of the receipt being crumpled in her hand. He mentally smacks himself.

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doow said... 5:55 AM, July 16, 2007  

If I ever start a strip club, it'll definitely be one that gives out receipts.

Steph said... 12:27 PM, July 16, 2007  

Heh heh. That sounds like an exchange Mr. Happy and I would have, only, we'd both have said out loud what you were thinking.

chRistine said... 8:25 AM, July 17, 2007  

haha.. nice to see everyone has these moments

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