Repaying my sleep debt

As Jason alluded (to?), the team returned unscathed (and unvictorious) from Montreal with a 1-4 record. While I didn't return with any pictures of the event, a good time was had by all, and I most definitely did not come home with cracked ribs or debilitating injury of any sort. So yay for me.

We came out ranked, uhhh... okay, so I don't know what our final ranking was, but we surely did not uphold our bizarre 9th place initial ranking. But since I don't have the actual numbers on the tournament, here's a little weekend math for ya:

  • Number of American teams played: 4
  • Number of really bad losses: 1
  • Number of close losses: 3
  • Number of convincing wins by Scotch: 1
  • Number of averted blowout losses: 1
  • Number of shots of scotch consumed by opponents: 10-12
  • Number of gracious moves by our team, which did not result in any manifestations of gratitude: 1
  • Number of pasta places* visited: 0
  • Number of bacon-cheeseburgers consumed: [suppressed to meet the requirements of the Speak Into the Mike confidentiality policy]
  • Number of plates of sushi consumed: 1
  • Number of free hotel breakfasts consumed: 1
  • Number of bananas consumed: eleventy million
  • Number of long, overnight drives home: 1 (includes: 1 Red Bull, 1 gas station coffee, <1>
Total: 1 good ultimate weekend and another Jazz Fest tournament under my belt.

Next stop: the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Toronto (in August)

*TLW tells me there was one on Maisonneuve, Jason. Right by the hotel. Why don't we ask our wives these things?)

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chRistine said... 11:43 PM, July 05, 2007  

jazz fest TOURNAMENT.. i missed that last word, there.. and thought you were playing while in town for the jazz fest.. heh.. this is where i admit i'm putting MY priorities onto YOU..

glad to hear you had fun :)

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