More vacationy evidence

Finally got around to making a flickr set of some of the vacation snaps (yes, that's how disorganized busy I am). You've seen my contributions to the 7days project, now see the rest. And hey, I'll put my name out there as a possible beneficiary of a Flickr Pro account to go with the new camera. Any takers? No?

Click for the set.

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Karen said... 9:29 PM, July 24, 2007  

Well, I'm sure you mentioned it somewhere, but in my dorkitude I couldn't find where you actually state *what* new camera you bought. But Flickr will tell me! Yay, Flickr! So....can you tell me how to use *my* new D40? [riffling papers] I may have the manual here someplace...

Seriously. Nice photo set!

chRistine said... 8:31 AM, July 25, 2007  

very nice :)

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