Gearing up for the weekend and the promise of acute physical pain

Thirty six hours from now I'll be embarking on the longest bike ride of my life to date (unless you count the years between the ages of 5 and 7, when I'm pretty sure I lived on my first two-wheeler). The MS Bike Tour will take me 160 kilometres (100 miles) over two days. And yes, I have purchased essential (padded shorts) and fun (bicycle computer) gear for the trip. Oh, and I promise not to take any performance enhancing substances (unless you count beer and gatorade, in which case, I make no promises.) I'm sure I will neither receive, nor have to relinquish any type of yellow-coloured jersey.

What this also means is that I won't be regularly updating during BlogHim. So take it from me, I will be doing my best to misbehave in any way possible, thereby illustrating my manliness and general vulgarity. I may even spit or pee in the woods on the bike trip. I trust that will satisfy the requirements of the event.

See you all on Monday. I'll be the one with the mysterious mosey.

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Megan said... 1:03 AM, July 27, 2007  

Good luck! I personally hate biking.

chRistine said... 8:18 AM, July 27, 2007  

from a family that copes with MS daily:

thank you :)

Brianna said... 10:25 AM, July 27, 2007  

Good Luck Mike!

When you get back can you please blog about the guy on the "blog him" logo? I'm specifically interested in if you think he's an acceptable representative of all men or just the types of guys who blog.

sween said... 12:24 PM, July 27, 2007  

Damn Mike. You're gonna miss some serious BlogHim fun. I'll try and take lots of pictures for you.

Be manly.

And for the record -- the BlogHim mascot demonstrates the bare minimum level of expected manliness required for guys who blog. [Spits.]

Karen said... 3:00 PM, July 27, 2007  

oooooOOoo! Two days on a bike! Excellent! From personal experience, it's possible to both ride a bike AND spit at the same time. Perhaps you ca blog the particulars? (wind speed and direction, velocity, etc.)

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