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Jason of Spacemonkeypants.com at Nationals in 2006This coming weekend (read: tomorrow!) I'm off to Montreal to the 14th Annual Montreal Jazz Tournament, or "Jazz Fest" as everybody seems to call it in the ultimate community.

You may recall I recapped the adventures last year about this time. You'll want to click that link, if for no other reason than to bask in the awesomeness of my stick figure artistry. Go ahead. I'll wait.

See? Told ya.

Anyway, this time around we're ranked 9th (we finished last year tied for 11th, so apparently two teams must not have returned), which means we're in deep doo-doo when it comes to actually perform like a 9th seeded team. I shouldn't speak so soon, since we do have a few masters-age players on our team for this tournament who don't normally play with us, which may elevate our game a little. Oh, heck. We rock and we know it. Watch out, Jazz Fest. Scotch is coming, and they're bringing kilts and single-malt, so at the very least, you'll all go home with embarrassing pictures and a burning sensation in your tummies. But I digress. The main point of us going is to face off against other great Open* teams. There's no masters division (over 33 yrs by the end of 2007) at this tournament, so we're likely to be pitted against young (read: freakishly tall and fast) men who were all born in the 1980s (and possibly some born in the 1990s? Yeesh).

So the 12-hour trek begins tomorrow morning at 0800, which will get us to the heart of Montreal in the dying hours of daylight. This time we're (supposedly) staying downtown, so I might actually get to see some of the sights and hear some of the jazzy sounds of downtown Montreal. And, dog willing, it won't be 35C with 75% humidity. But I'm not counting on it. This tournament (rather, the timing of it) usually has us drenched by torrential downpours and sweating under the burning sun all in the course of a single day. Gotta love Montreal in the summer.

See you all on Monday. Happy Canada Day on Sunday!

* The Open division in Ultimate is akin to the men's division. Technically, it's "open" to anyone of any age or gender, but 99% of the people playing Open are men. There is no men's division. That's just how it it. Conversely, 100% of the players in the Women's division are, predictably, women.

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Steph said... 12:16 AM, June 29, 2007  

Henry, Mr. Happy and I hope you have a great tournament! Go drunken Scottish descendants, GO!

If you aren't in a total body cast when you get home, Brent Randall and His Pinecones (30 different kinds of awesome) are playing on Monday (deets in the Coast, article titled "Get Brent") and will be performing some child-friendly tunes written for Mr. Happy's tv show concept.

In other words, they'll be singing songs that fly in the face of what that monstrosity of marketing will be playing on the Hill that day.

Nikki said... 11:49 AM, June 29, 2007  

My boyfriend just got on a plane with his bestfriend to join you!

Enjoy - I'm looking forward to hearing the stories next week - make sure to include more stick pictures!

themikestand said... 9:07 AM, July 03, 2007  

Steph: It was a good tournament! Despite our horrible seeding, we did well as a team in training for the Canadian Championships. The ride home, however, took its toll in the form of sleep deprivation. Monday night was something of a writeoff :) Thanks for the invite. (Also, I was not planning on attending the sound-alike concert on the hill.)

Nikki: Really? Who's your boyfriend (and his best friend.)? Am I blanking on something here?

cronznet said... 10:29 PM, July 03, 2007  

Just checkin' in to make sure you weren't in the hospital and in need of medicinal doses of scotch. Glad you had a grand time!

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