Living up to our Stereotypes

Anyone south of the border would likely not know about this, but for some time now the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has been looking for the Seven Wonders of Canada. That is, seven icons which best represent the nation. For weeks now, the nightly news has been flooded (foreshadowing alert!) with candidates for the seven wonders, some of which were hilarious (e.g. Canada's largest Coke can?) and some were actually very good. Click teh links above for more pictures and commentary by the judges.

I'll cut to the chase (and, because I'm the sherriff around here, provide my own commentary!)

  1. The Canoe (Not a bad choice.)

  2. Niagara Falls (It's half Canadian. Does that count?)

  3. Pier 21, Halifax (Good choice. Where would we be without immigrants?)

  4. The Rockies (How about "The CANADIAN Rocky Mountains, just to be picky?)

  5. The Igloo (Hi. Welcome to Canada. Please remove your shoes before entering the igloo.)

  6. Old Quebec City (Apart from the fact that most Quebeckers probably resent this choice, it's not bad.)

  7. Prairie Skies (We don't really have a corner on the market with this, but it appeals to my nostalgia sensors.)

Online voting, however, yielded some different results:

Bay of Fundy (It's mostly ours!)
Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories (Good choice.)
Northern Lights (Excellent choice.)
The Rockies (see above.)
Cabot Trail (Canadian AND maritimey!)
Niagara Falls (see above.)
Sleeping Giant (Great choice.)

Another one which would be appropriate might be the Annual Spring Floods in BC (or Manitoba, for that matter) -- which is not only topically relevant this time of year, but a fantastic segue opportunity in which I dig up a Spirit of the West tune (hey, another good "wonder"?). Enjoy -- if it works.

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    Suldog said... 1:36 PM, June 08, 2007  


    I might end up sounding tremendously idiots-to-the-south ignorant, but what is "Sleeping Giant"?

    themikestand said... 1:40 PM, June 08, 2007  

    First, thanks for stopping by! Secondly, you're not ignorant at all. I should have elaborated for anyone reading this. The Sleeping Giant is the Sibley Peninsula that juts out into the northern part of Lake Superior. If you ever find yourself in Thunder Bay (and you likely will not, so just trust me on this), you will see a rocky silhouette of a giant laying on his back. Very cool. More here.

    themikestand said... 1:43 PM, June 08, 2007  

    I should have checked flickr first.... way better pictures there.

    Erik said... 1:20 PM, June 09, 2007  

    How about the 7 least Wonderful Things about Canada (in full stereotype mode):

    1. Toronto's Centre of the Earthness

    2. Alberta's record on the environment

    3. Quebec's.....well, Quebec

    4. The Maritime's work ethic

    5. Our smug "better than America" attitude

    6. Maple Leaf fans in cities other than Toronto

    7. The CFL - its about the 4th best football league in the world out of 5

    A bit negative, I know. I'm just feeling a little cynical, I guess. But I would think there is one thing on this list that everyone would at least partly agree with and at least one thing that infuriates you.

    Erik said... 1:31 PM, June 09, 2007  

    In response to my own grumpy post - here'e the flip side:

    1. Toronto's ethnic diversity

    2. Alberta's entrepreneurial spirit

    3. Old Quebec City

    4. The people of the Maritimes - the friendliest in Canada.

    5. We are better.

    6. I can't really find a positive side to this.

    7. Great fans and it does produce some great players like Warren Moon.

    That's better. I don't feel like such a grumpy bastard any more.

    SRH said... 10:01 PM, June 11, 2007  

    Why is it always 7? This isn't the ancient world, and I am pretty sure there were more than 7 wonders of the ancient world. I mean seriously, it is the 7 wonders of the Western Greco-Roman world anyway. Hmmm I guess I have opinions on this...

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