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[relieved exhale]

Today, the ibook comes back from the shop. I had a little issue with disk space (issue = I ran out of it), and I encountered some sort of "kernel panic" (I don't know what a kernel is, but I assure you, I was doing all the panicking) which prevented me from even getting in to try and break it more fix the problem. I'm hoping that the bill isn't exorbitant, and I'm very excited about the hard drive transplant, which will allow me to fill my ipod to capacity and continue to foster my love for bad television that I surreptitiously watch only on the ipod.

Certain things have suffered since the laptop went in for work: I'm behind on my Facebooking by about three days. Thankfully I can still add contacts by responding to cell phone notifications, which until yesterday I thought were one step beyond pathetic, and now? HELLO PATHETIC! Nice to meet you! Also, my personal blogstalking and the official blogstalking I do for IndieBloggers has fallen by the wayside. I did, however, manage to read one of the great blog posts of our age, or so it was dubbed by Time, on brianna's site (Go read it. It's awesome. Don't blame me if it results in you proposing marriage.)

And yesterday, after Younger Son decided to wake us up at 0500, vociferously demanding his pacifier* and then going back to sleep until 0700, leaving me alone with a pot of coffee** and The Lovely Wife's laptop***, I got some more bad news from the online edition of the local newspaper*** : the tire in the tree is no longer. That's right. Gone. Someone has cut down the latest symbol of carefree childhood innocence (keep in mind, at 50 ft in the air, it's really nothing BUT a symbol), and there is speculation that a property owner or rival High School did the deed. I suppose I can appreciate a mystery as well as a legend, but the fact remains that I may never find the right exit off the highway now. Honey, if I'm late for dinner, blame it on the missing white pine**** that used to guide my way.

Under the heading of "reclaiming something approximating a life", The Lovely Wife and I went to a production of Beauty and the Beast last night, which I thought was exceptionally performed. And I should be a good judge of quality, since I've now seen two musicals. It was also the first time I'd been to Neptune, and given the intimacy of the space, I definitely think I'd like to go see more shows there. I may also slip out tonight and catch a David Myles show (and perhaps decipher the disguise of one Steph, international woman of mystery), if I can twist anyone's arm to look after the kids for an hour.

Lastly, Jason got his cookie. Thank Jeebus. Which means I enjoyed the two Oreos I had in my backpack on the way home from work yesterday. Everybody wins.

Now, if any of you actually got this far down without being distracted by all the links, I'll wish you a fantastic weekend and/or a Happy Father's Day.

* I won't get into this, but I will tell you that he's not a soother-baby. Nor is he a thumbsucker like his brother. This was a strange event which I hope will not be repeated.
** Possibly the earthly equivalent of Nirvana and/or Valhalla. And to TLW: Thanks, and sorry for leaving my login on your Facebook page.
*** and Facebook, thankyouverymuch.
**** How are you enjoying the footnotes? You know, I've never reached four stars before. Some people don't like footnotes. They find them distracting and irritating. I like footnotes.
***** This footnote has no reference. But I thought I'd see how many of you went searching for five stars in the post.

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SRH said... 10:55 AM, June 15, 2007  

Wow, you came back with a doozy! Welcome back to the blogaspere.

Brianna said... 11:11 AM, June 15, 2007  

you're getting cell notification about facebook? are you 14?

also -- your link to time actually links to the harvard law guy who also linked to me. Thanks for the praise, if i meet my beloved via your linking me you can be flower girl at the wedding.

themikestand said... 11:15 AM, June 15, 2007  

SRH: I'm not big on the update posts, but I had to come back with something after so much silence this week.

brianna: link fixed. Mike = 14. Actually, the cell notification thing came when I validated with FP via my cell, or something. Either way, I do feel somewhat valudated.

Sassy said... 1:35 PM, June 15, 2007  

TWO WHOLE MUSICALS!?! Wow, go you! *snark* Hehe...I'm glad you liked it, seriously. Some friends of mine just finished a production of B&B back in Tejas.

cronznet said... 12:06 PM, June 16, 2007  

Sooo glad you're back! I'm gonna have to get onto the facebook thingey.

doow said... 1:26 PM, June 16, 2007  

Sorry you had a kernel panic. I've had a couple in my time thanks to a mofo motherboard. Scary things if you don't know what they are!
Now come and find me on Facebook so I can poke you and maybe even throw some food at you.

chRistine said... 5:09 PM, June 16, 2007  

amusing, especially the whole bit about cellphone notification. i can't take facebook that seriously, although I do tend to spend more time there..

and this full time real job and commute thing? really really really cutting into my online life time ;)

Crystal said... 8:49 PM, June 16, 2007  

Hye, MIke, I'm a moron and can't figure out how to email you. I did submit "Predator" to Indie, I just thought you guys didn't like it. Did you not get it?

thanks, Mike!

Happy Fathers Day


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