You mean other people don't keep a bucket on hand at all times?

The Pukey has returned to our house, and let me tell you, it's no less fun than it was lo those two or three weeks ago. At least this time around it's only Older Son. The oft-pessimistic, possibly clairvoyant Lovely Wife, knew it would be a rough night, and sure enough, there was a load of laundry starting at 3:15 AM. And why is it that the return of The Pukey conveniently coincided with my first attempt at a new "beef minestrone" crock pot recipe? I might as well freeze those leftovers for a good long while.

Staying up last night, or rather avoiding sleep because we knew we'd eventually be rousted by wretching, we caught several episodes of Flip this House, and generally felt better about our foundation issues and the mysterious proliferation of ants in the sun room as of late. And if it's one thing that A&E and TLC are particularly good for, it's driving the point home to homeowners that hey, you think it's bad at your place? Because somewhere out there, some poor schmuck out there has just discovered foot long rats and cat skulls in his latest fixer upper.

All was not lost, however. The following brief exhange ensued last night following a commercial for the, ahem, reality show "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels".

"Wait. Who's Gene Simmons?"

"He's the guy from the band KISS"

"Who's the guy with the fitness program"

[chortling] "Richard Simmons"


You gotta admit, it's an honest mistake. And if I could leave you with one mental image, it would be that of Gene Simmons in a rainbow leotard, sweatin' to (or with) the Oldies.

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Elizabeth said... 10:26 PM, May 06, 2007  

I don't know what's scarier, the thought of Gene Simmons wearing one of Richard's sparkly tank top/shorts combos, or Richard Simmons himself.

I've been working on my blogroll at Table for Five, and I've got you listed under "The Gentlemen". So you'd better behave :)

Megan said... 12:46 AM, May 07, 2007  

Hah. I remember as a kid I managed to throw up all over my bedroom wall. Yeah. Parents not happy.

SRH said... 10:39 AM, May 07, 2007  

Tis the season for maladies. A Simmons is a Simmons is a Simmons! Just look at their hair. They got to be related!

Charlatan said... 4:39 AM, May 08, 2007  

We have a small red plastic pail that's intended use was digging in sandboxes and beaches. Sadly it now has a much more ignominious role as "The Barf Bucket."

It makes journeys in the car safe from motion sickness (it's so much better than a plastic bag hanging from your ears) and halts the need of a nocturnal race to the toilet to heave.

Parent's love "The Barf Bucket" because it's not only handy, it has a handle!

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