Viva los weewees y los breasteses!

If it were not for the fact that I heard it was going to be 18C today and 27C tomorrow, I might have cringed when reading today's newspaper article describing how yesterday 18,000-20,000 people in Mexico city shed it all for Spencer Tunick, breaking his record for most nudes simultaneously photographed by at least 10,000 (ed. note: sounds like a lot of begging).

I don't know about you, but it's been a long, cold winter full of comfort food, chocolate holidays, and delicious carbs of all shapes and sizes. I'm not sure I'd be quite ready to shed my clothes, for fear of being clobbered by a seal hunter (though I might be safe if white-coats are still on the do not harvest list).

More pictures information over at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Corgimom said... 6:07 PM, May 08, 2007  

From the first time I saw this image I've been wondering just what the odor must have like...I've stayed in the hotel from which the picture was taken, and even without thousands of naked bodies in various states of health and hygiene the smell in the Zocalo was memorable.
Does take one's mind off the Pukey, though.

chRistine said... 11:20 AM, May 09, 2007  


i'm sure it isn't that bad, but we all need to rollerblade/walk/play soccer for the next while.

sorry i haven't commented, i discovered facebook and have become addicted.

Anonymous said... 6:06 PM, May 10, 2007  

Whoa. I thought that picture was of a carpet.

I'm with you %100 on the keeping of clothes on due to winter whiteness. I think KJ has convinced me to go tannning though before Costa Rica. Maybe I'll start off with just a really bright flash light.

Steph said... 12:49 PM, May 12, 2007  

um... I was in Mexico at the time this photo was taken - trust me, I'm not in the photo. If I had been present, there would have been a white flash, not unlike burning magnesium, in a corner of the photo.

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