In case you didn't get the memo that Canada is a hockey nation

Sure, the NHL playoffs consume a lot of our television viewing up here. That probably isn't surprising. Personally, I wait until at least the second-to-final round before picking favourites and really starting to pay attention, but that's only because there's no Seaside Town team, and I can't bear to cheer for the Leafs.

I felt a certain twinge of pre-Stanley Cup Finals hockey patriotism when opening my newspaper today and seeing several hockey related stores that weren't even on the sports page. First, this story, about some hockey legends that went to Afghanistan to see our warpeacekeeping troops and play a little ball hockey, complete with a story about a play-scuffle that predictably broke out between a soldier and a well-known NHL enforcer when the soldiers found themselves trailing by several goals. I didn't see any pictures of guys with their jerseys yanked over their heads, but I would have loved to see that particular tussle.

USO? No thanks. NHL will do just fine.

And then there's this particular political cartoon by Bruce MacKinnon, commenting on an alleged "cultural" slur which may or may not have been uttered during a game that involved possible one-sided officiating by French Canadian referees in a Montreal Canadiens game. Now, I'm not here to clear anything up, but I do find it funny that the issue has been brought into our PARLIAMENT (!) since the alleged (can I say this enough) utterer has been named captain of Team Canada. Folks, our highest seat of government gets involved in hockey related matters. And not just once in a blue moon, either.

That's right, people. Breaking news: Hockey is a BIG DEAL in Canada.

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chRistine said... 11:51 AM, May 04, 2007  

the highest seat in our land is more worried about whether or not some hockey player uttered a slur on the french, than whether or not children live on the street, there is money for healthcare, or a war going on.

canada.. eh?

themikestand said... 11:56 AM, May 04, 2007  

You have to admit, though -- the hockey "emergencies" are far easier to debate than the big issues. What would you expect?

Mabel said... 9:42 AM, May 07, 2007  

I always say that if you're complaining about the little things, then you don't really have a lot to complain about.

The question is then, is this a little thing? Having lived in la belle province, and having had friends that were separatists, I can see how leaders of the separatist movement could use this type of event to play on the heart strings of the young impressionable youth.

I wonder what the francophone press had to say about it...

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