The Names Game

Using this space as both memo pad and sounding board, I offer the following as new internet names for the children. In order of eldest to youngest, I present a few options for consideration:

  1. First Past the Post (FPtP) and The Official Opposition

  2. The Protester and Little Gandhi (after his eating habits)
  3. Chicken Finger and Fish Cake

  4. Their [gulp] real names (And if you've been here a while and read the comments, you'll know this isn't a well kept secret.)

Speak up, gentle readers, and watch this space for updates...

    Posted bythemikestand at 8:37 AM  

    10 stepped up to the mike:

    FrozenExtremities said... 10:00 AM, April 12, 2007  

    I kinda like #1.
    Or you could go with Pre-Schooler and The Toddler v2.0 .

    Brianna said... 10:24 AM, April 12, 2007  

    the first one is too complicated. I'm confused -- why didn't J-Man and O-Dawg make the list?

    themikestand said... 10:28 AM, April 12, 2007  

    frozenextremities: I like #1, too, and it was the one I thought up just this morning!

    brianna: Too complicated? IS DEMOCRACY too complicated for you?! Please surrender your American passport at your earliest convenience.

    SRH said... 11:15 AM, April 12, 2007  

    I would like to write in "Darth Vader" and the "Lizard King".

    sween said... 11:25 AM, April 12, 2007  

    Two words: "Batman" and "Robin".

    You're welcome.

    canadian sadie said... 7:17 PM, April 12, 2007  

    I'm with Sween.

    Or, if Batman and Robin are too...Marvel-ous for you (grooooan) you could go with Hall and Oates.

    cronznet said... 7:57 PM, April 12, 2007  

    I kinda like Chicken Finger for the oldest and Little Ghandi for the youngest. Ok, I really like Little Ghandi for the youngest; what about The Emperor for the oldest, along with Little Ghandi for the youngest? I know I'm not good at this sort of thing, but I do enjoy it so!

    chRistine said... 1:20 PM, April 13, 2007  

    use their real names. i started out years ago calling them "the girl", J, and D. i referred to bob as "the boy". it didn't work out longterm.

    although i do like sarah's suggestion of hall and oates..

    Jess Riley said... 4:40 PM, April 13, 2007  

    I like Chicken Finger and Fish Cake.

    coolbeans said... 11:00 PM, April 13, 2007  

    I like Chicken Finger and Fish Cake.

    It's easy for me. My son, my daughter, my little guy. I just can't bring myself to type their names. Too busy making me*th.

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