And after four days, Mike emerged with something to say

Umm, where was I when we last spoke? It seems I'm the only one around who took the weekend off from posting, and now I'm feeling bad about it. But trust me, internets. It wasn't you, it was all Mike. Mike loves you. Mike won't let it happen again. Promise. Let's catch up, then?

The good news:

The kids have emerged from Pukeville (Population: Eww), and I discovered I missed Younger Son's smile more than I could have ever imagined. As a matter of fact, I think he's brought out a whole slew of new facial expressions to celebrate his health. And for that, I'm completely pickled tickled.

It's Stay At Home Dad Day (The Lovely Wife starring as Breadwinner #1), and right now, I'm relaxing in the sun room on some very comfortable IKEA furniture that only took me two tries to get assembled correctly. My kids are taking turns refiling my coffee and bringing me little chocolate eggs left over from the weekend. Okay, so none of that's really true, but at least nobody's being choked out, and it's already 8:20. Small victories, people.

The recent 7 days project has served to renew and underscore my interest in good photography, to the point where I actually went out on a fact finding mission on Saturday afternoon (solo, I might add, which is sometimes dangerous) to do recon at the local camera expert shop. The result: In order to get what I want and not too-soon outgrow my next camera, I'm going to have to move to Digital SLR (doow and Stacy, you're both partially to blame thank for this.) And I think I've even chosen the camera. More details will surely follow, once I've figured out which street corner I can make the most working.

Saturday night culminated in yours truly toting his dusty bass and amp three doors down the road to fellow suburban-familyite J's place (he had sadly lost his family to a week in Florida) to "jam", where I discovered that not only is J as talented as he is humble about his musical talents, but also learned the Zamboni song -- that J had not only written, but handed me sheet music (with musical NOTES ON IT) and subsequently told me the notes to play because yes, it's been that long and if frankly, it's not like riding a damn bike. Anyway, the song totally rocked, and J even got a decent take on video (which I'm sort of hoping won't make it to my hands where I might be tempted to put it on Youtube) and we called the Florida contingent to let them know that we were doing just fine and were half-cut and making inroads on the neighbourhood band that J so desperately wants to form.

Something great is about to happen for me over at Indiebloggers. Say, have you checked it out yet? You'd fit in nicely there.

The bad news:

The kids now really need new internames. Younger son is full-on toddling, and the artist formerly known as the toddler (Hat tip to dadgonemad. I won't steal your acronym. Besides, who could beat TAFKABBF). Yes, I know I've asked you for your help in the past, but I have yet to adopt something formally.

With the passing of the flu from the house, we now have to go through the breaking of Younger Son's latest habit of napping on the floor in the living room. And as cute as that was, this may be harder than we first thought. Maybe daycare can help. Incidentally, those four words can save a parent's ass. Just don't tell the daycare.

I'm without iPod for the day (left it by the treadmill at the in-laws), and I had to endure sub-par morning shows from other cities, or on classic rock radio stations this morning because it's Easter Monday. Pfft. Why do public radio stations have to be federal bodies? Wait, what is this stone I'm holding, and why am I in this glass house?

The Lightning Round (SRH style):

  • There will be no more Eggies brought into this house. This is both good and bad news.
  • Thankfully, chocolate chip cookie season is just starting up.
  • Canada beat Germany handily in the World Cup of Curling. I'm sure you were all glued to your televisions as I was.
  • Tiger did not win the Masters, much to The Toddler's dismay.
  • Mike got a decent level of exercise yesterday, which even included RUNNING for the first time since the heel bruising incident wherein he tempted fate and / or the gods by playing sports while totally out of shape.
  • Never underestimate Eastern Canada's ability to deliver 29cm of snow in April. We also had our snow tires removed last weekend. These two statements may be correlated, or reflect some degree of causality.

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6 stepped up to the mike:

SRH said... 10:32 AM, April 09, 2007  

In my opinion the best quote from today

"Never underestimate Eastern Canada's ability to deliver 29cm of snow in April. We also had our snow tires removed last weekend. These two statements may be correlated, or reflect some degree of causality."

Just because you used the word "causality." Good to hear that you and your fam are feeling better. Enjoy the day as best you can!

Sassy said... 10:53 AM, April 09, 2007  

Um, have you SEEN the date of my last blog post? I'm the worst lately. I'm down to blogging once a week for crying out loud.

chRistine said... 3:09 PM, April 09, 2007  

at least when YOU are a stay at home dad, YOU stay home. bob is staying home with the kids today, but he's at work. the kids are being watched via telephone today, quick call children's aid.

Alison said... 4:50 PM, April 09, 2007  

"Maybe daycare can help"

Daycare taught my kid to use utensils when eating, to count, and to put his coat on by himself. I'm sure there are other things that aren't coming to mind. Without daycare, we'd still be zipping up his coat, and putting his shoes on for him.

Daycare, I'd be lost without you.

themikestand said... 3:27 PM, April 11, 2007  

srh: thanks! We economists are hep to the math-geek lingo, you know.

sassy: ebb and flow, right? we're okay.

christine: If I thought I could phone it in, don't you think I would have been?!

alison: maybe your daycare can teach Older Son/ Toddler to use utensils. Our daycare seems to be breaking any habit we've instilled, as far as that goes.

Elizabeth said... 8:30 PM, April 11, 2007  

Yeah, it's Wednesday evening, and my son is building a SNOWMAN, a BIG snowman, in our front yard. I thought the stupid groundhog said we were having an early spring.

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