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I received the following list of interview questions from Brianna over at randomaccessbabble. This isn't the next generation of meme since all questions are tailored to the recipient and not replicated ad nauseum. I think I'm supposed to pass the love (and new questions) along, but I'll have to check the fine print.

I shall attempt to answer these as frankly as I can, though I cannot promise to be anywhere near as funny as SRH in his weekly (!) 20 Questions entries.

1. Older Son is turning 3 – what are you most looking forward to as he moves from toddler to little boy?

Life with Older Son (currently aka The Toddler) is like riding a roller coaster while blindfolded -- you think you're giong along at a nice, steady, predictable clip and then all hell breaks loose. That said, he consistently manages to impress me with his voracity to learn new things and reach new heights of stubbornness. I'm absolutely dying to have him formulate and verbalize challenging questions as he begins to figure out the world around him. The other day, for instance, he told The Lovely Wife that "her hair was sure getting long!" Where does a kid come up with that?

I'm sure this will lead me into several sticky predicaments, leaving me stammering for an answer or diversionary tactic, but it'll be fun nonetheless.

2. As a child what did you want to be when you "grew-up"? How would your younger self feel about the life grown up Mike is living?

Assuming I could tell at which point I became a 'grownup', I suppose I wanted to be a doctor --physician, not PhD --- though as fate would have it, I would accomplish neither (go me!). I changed my tune when I nearly passed out from witnessing a bleeding gash in my own finger at age 12. After that, my goals were anything above snaking toilets (which I'm sure pays very well).

I used to look up to my dad, and wanted to be a guy with a steady job. He worked in the airline industry and it afforded him the freedom to travel in his off-time, while still letting him be a family man and all around good guy all the time. In that sense, I think my 9-5 lifestyle matches up pretty good to that goal, and as I've said on many occasions, I hope I'm the kind of dad to my kids that my dad was to his.

3. You were once my main source for new music – any band recommendations to pass on?

For a second there, I thought you wanted BAD recommendations. I have many, but it wouldn't follow that you'd ask for those. So I'll stick with the good:

The Dears: Canadian group (act surprised!) that reminds me a little of Arctic Monkeys but more melodic (actually, any melody whatsoever might categorize them as "more"). I get subtle hints of Catherine Wheel, and Teenage Fanclub but with much more interesting songs.

Gomez: Brit pop-rockers with a gritty sound. Like 125 grit sandpaper, you know it's not too rough, but it's gonna make something smooth, by god.

Joel Plaskett: This Halifax-area songwriter, widely thought of as the best new songwriter in Canada, is finally getting some national exposure. His La De Da album is raw and garagey, and lyrically unique. If you're lucky, you'll find a double album which includes Make a Little Noise, a brilliant three-cut EP.

In-Flight Safety: More local stuff, this mellow and melodic debut album took me a couple run-throughs to really get into, but then I sank into it like it was that old sofa I yelled at me parents for giving away before I got to take it to my first apartment.

And while I'm at it, I'll plug Jill Barber again. I liked her EP from a couple years ago, but her first full length release is out, For All Time. She's a mix of old standards-feel and jazz. So talented, if you told me she also weaves her own clothing or is a lumberjack in her spare time, I wouldn't even feign surprise.

Unfortunately, the level in the well has been a little low lately, since I've been immersed in podcasts and public radio (both from my side of the 49th and yours) -- I'm walking the line between young and young-at-heart. Hold me.

4. Canadian current events don't get a lot of play in the US media – what is currently the biggest news story up in the frosty north?

It might not shock you to find that our media is largely dependent on events which happen outside the confines of our extremely large land-mass. Thus, US events are also big here, and besides, how can we compete with someone named "Scooter"?

Around here, it's all about how Canada's New Government can still call themselves that even though they've been in power for 14 months, and whether or not we'll find a way to appease the environmentlists, the seal hunters, and the war-mongers all at the same time.

5. I saw Taylor Hicks on Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago and he looked like hell – are you finally ready to admit that he's 45 years old?

I found two grey hairs on my chest last week, and before you chime in, let me state categorically that they were both mine. So I'll still partially defend that the surprise American Idol winner from last season might not yet have college-aged kids. I can't comment on whether his career has any more life left in it than the 45-year old he (apparently) looks like. I imagine the good doctor probably has a 7-step plan to get us all off reality television.

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Lesley said... 4:48 PM, March 07, 2007  

My 7 year old and I were enjoying our dinner one night, when he suddenly asks: "How many pennies would it take to fill up the sun?"

THAT's the sort of thing you have to look forward to as he ages.

It's never ever boring.

SRH said... 7:27 PM, March 07, 2007  

I LOVE question and answer posts! Love them! love them! love them! Thanks for the props! Good questions and good answers. i am looking forward to looking into some of the bands you mentioned!

Charlatan said... 8:53 PM, March 07, 2007  

Lesley... I had to re-read that. I thought your kid said, "How many penises would it take to fill up the Sun?"

That's whole other question.

As for music, I can agree with your take on Joel Plaskett. I would also recommend that those who are interested in independent Canadian music should check out the CBC Radio 3 podcast (it's on iTunes!).

chRistine said... 11:55 AM, March 08, 2007  

I used to do "science questions" at the dinner table. My question was "what has eyes but cannot see?" and the answer was "a potato", but my son, ever the thinker, replied, "a blind guy".

i see the world differently, now...

Jess Riley said... 6:13 PM, March 08, 2007  

I love the random questions kids ask. And Gomez is a great band!

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