Curling as Art

This just in via brianna, who I'm guessing sent this my way because it was "art" and "Canadian" more so than "sport". Regardless, it's pretty cool:

From (click for the video)
This week we bring you an exclusive broadcast of The Curling Stones, an experimental film directed by Pascal Franchot that fictionalizes Jason's work with curling stones, used in the Olympic sport that involves sliding heavy stones on ice. In Jason's interpretation, he uses curling stones (that he fabricated himself) loaded with resin on a resin "rink" and propane blowtorches to create abstract artworks. The video has been featured in several film festivals internationally and is part of a proposal for a large-scale version that Jason hopes to execute in the future.

Although they're ricocheting the stones off the sides (more shuffleboard than curling), I do like the end result, and I especially like the "house" design on the face of the rocks.

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corgimom said... 10:53 AM, February 20, 2007  

Even curling with blow torches and paint is still just, well, curling. Maybe a bigger scale will make a bigger difference?

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