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Time must have run out on me. I managed to avert the dreaded blog-meme for several months. But Joy has put an end to all of that with "Six Weird and Otherwise Unknown Things About Me*" -- as if you didn't get your fill of me during NaBloPoMo.

The weird? Not hard to come up with. The otherwise unknown? Two-pronged challenge, because: 1) what haven't I shared so far, and 2) Do I really want to share some of these things?

So, gauntlet on the ground, here they are. Prepare to be, uh... trivialized?:

1. The sound and feel of shoes crunching on hard-packed snow makes me nauseous to the point of nearly vomiting. But only with a certain pair of shoes I own. I discovered this only this week, and I've had the shoes for over a year now. The big disappointment? I get compliments on the shoes, and winter's not leaving anytime soon.

2a. I have received a phone number in a bar on only one occasion. One night in E'town, friends and I were on a rooftop bar and I asked the girl beside me if she was wearing a certain scent (Probably Body Shop White Musk, if that's any indication of how long ago this happened.) -- she apparently thought I was flirting and gave me her number by the end of the night. We dated for a while, then broke up. She's married to the friend that accompanied me to the bar that very night.

2b. I have given out my phone number in a bar on only one occasion. It was written on a bottleneck label and had a quarter wrapped up in it (Say it with me: cheeseball.)

3. I have great difficulty cleaning a bathroom because I can't stand the feel of wet hair on my hands. Hair that is currently attached to its owner is fine -- the derelict strays on the floor and counter top creep me out. For this reason I also cannot clean anything using a sponge.

4. For a short period of time in grade 11, I had hockey hair. I hesitate to call it a full-on mullet, but my oh my it was special.

5. I've been forced to quit two jobs (not fired, they tell me) -- one was a car rental company I worked for who changed their minimum employment age to 18 even though I'd been working there for several months. The other was a clear case of personality conflict between a chef on a power trip and a cook who was already working another job and not interested in being told he had to be on call on his scheduled days off.

6. I once won a bronze medal in a naturbahn (snow, or "natural" luge) competition. In University. As part of a course for which I received credit. That's right, I picked the hard courses, people.

Passing on the goodness (if they'll stoop so low): Kris, Stacy, and Heather (aka the Indiebloggers Overlords)

*Or, "Easily found personal dirt which may preclude me from holding public office anytime in the future"

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gingajoy said... 3:39 PM, February 09, 2007  

i am betting TLW LOVEs the "ewwww. I can't clean the bathroom" routine;-)

thanks for stepping up, Mike. As I as out of commission in the baby vortex through NoMoPoMoBLah or whatever it's called, this made me feel special.

chRistine said... 8:29 PM, February 09, 2007  


Lesley said... 12:07 PM, February 10, 2007  

I totally get the shoe thing.

Charlatan said... 6:00 AM, February 12, 2007  

I love the sound of snow crunching underfoot. It's one of the things I miss in Singapore.

I find myself molesting backs of cornstarch in the grocery store just to get my fix of the sound.

(sad... I know)

Steph said... 10:24 AM, February 12, 2007  

I don't think a mullet or any of these things will keep you from holding a public office. Look at who we've got in our federal, provincial and municipal offices: a man with no soul; a man who has drunkards driving public gas-guzzling vehicles and a man who up until recently, had the fugliest moustache in town.

You're a shoe in.

kris said... 10:52 AM, February 22, 2007  

I just found this -- always late to the party -- my answers are forthcoming.

kris said... 1:21 AM, February 25, 2007  

alright. i've done this one before, and i've sworn off memes on my site given that's all i'd do, so here are my answers in comment form and i hope they will suffice/impress/make you think i'm not a loser:

1) i love to pop pimples. i probably shouldn't say anymore, but it truly IS WHAT IT IS.

2) i would never marry a man who owned a tank top. again, this just IS WHAT IT IS.

3) i loved my fish, errol fin, so much that i froze him for two years upon his death. my ex-boyfriend finally tossed him into the florida woods out of contempt.

4) i hate underwear. bras i love, but panties are the work of the debbil.

5) i'm afraid of dying without doing something important. something to be remembered by beyond my inner circle.

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