Blogger's Almanac Status: Cough, sputter, wheeze.

Okay, folks. I know I mentioned that I wanted to solicit input from the masses (all eight of you) on blogging events, celebrations, and themes (NaBloPoMo, anyone?), but in reality, the events are not exactly flooding in at this stage of the game. I even gave myself the 2007 year to make notes on everything, since I'm not usually at the forefront of events (but it's made me really good at sending belated gifts).

I did just find out about Blarch Badness, a Metroblogging Seattle event that pits blog vs. blog to find the best blog in that city (by reader vote). Interesting, no?

Consider this your first reminder (of many, I assure you). If you know of something going on on a weekly or monthly basis, or even just a one-day or weekend event (Comment like a Pirate Day, the BlogHer conference or Tequila Con spring to mind), email me at themikestand at gmail dot com and tell me about it. Linking to background information is good, too.

I can send out periodic updates to those who are crazy enough to want to follow along at home through the year. Again, let me know by email.

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Megan said... 1:28 PM, February 16, 2007  

Haha. Blarch madness. I can't even imagine.
Thanks for all your help, as you can see I have updated my site. Even figured out how to do a favicon! It is really easy if you want one.

chRistine said... 9:26 AM, February 17, 2007  

i'll have to google the word "favicon".

but i like to google, so that's okay.

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