Scotch Watch VI: Auchentoshan 10 Year

The Uncle-in-Law dropped in for a short visit (with the Aunt-in-Law, who you'll also meet this time around), and being that he's more of a connoisseur than I am (proof: he fully supported me buying the Macallan 12 Year), I left it up to him to pick out a bottle for this edition of SW.

So what does he do? He picks a bottle that not only has he never heard of, but one he also cannot pronounce (it's och'n'tosh'n, with no apparent syllable stress)

Bottle: Auchentoshan 10 Year (Lowland Malt)
Price: about $45 Cdn

The Bottle:

Considering the selection:

The Uncle-in-Law tastes:

The Mother-in-Law (not a scotch drinker by trade) tastes:
Verdict: "Nice! Not too strong. No real bite."

the mooch mikestand tastes, affecting snobby pose:
Verdict: "Solid. Not very peaty, not very smoky. Really, nothing to write home about." After which, the UIL informed me it prides itself on being "approachable", which might actually translate to "nothing to write home about."

The Uncle in Law agrees. Good, but not unique. Not fruity, not peaty, not smokey. Good finish, though. (He uses Scotchy words I don't fully understand.)

The Aunt-in-Law tastes, after indicating that scotch should probably not be consumed in large quantities. (Everyone: "What does she know, anyway?")
Verdict: It's good.

All in all, I would rate this as a five-and-a-half to six. Not bad for a bunch of Glaswegians.

This expression is really not remarkable enough to warrant a repeat purchase, especially when compared with a Cragganmore or a Balvenie for about the same price. I found even the Glenmoranghie was more enjoyable. I will, however, enjoy the rest of this bottle as it hides out (safely) in the in-laws' cabinet.

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I think you need a lit cigar in your other hand for that pose. :)

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