Winter Arrives One Week Early

It finally snowed -- a little late for the ski hills that speculated a December 1 opening. I doubt they could even hold the snow they might have received, given that the ground is still warm.

The snow came on the tail end of a long weekend of sickness in the family (official count: EVERYBODY) -- some are recovering, some are re-sickening, and some are in limbo. That bit about getting to work on Monday morning? Irrelevant.

So it rained this morning, and then it turned to some weak imposter of snow. Then the flakes got bigger. Then they got heavier. Then I tried to take a nap. Then everybody woke everyone else up. Nap time over, we went outside to shovel the driveway play in the snow. The Toddler was a little apprehensive, figuring it was very slippery. I would find out some hours later (and darker) that the driveway is far less slippery with snow on it, compared to after it's been shoveled. As I type this, I'm certain the previous owners of the house are laughing their asses off from their comfortable condo, as they listen to some guy in a bobcat clear their parking lot.

I also see that our street must be a tertiary route; we can see from our window that the one-street-off-the-BIG-street has already been plowed, but nary a grader has seen our street. That can only mean one thing: I'll be plowed in by the morning. Whee. Was I excited about this snow?

One thing we did get to do was build a snowman. All in all, the Toddler was much more at ease with this year's snowman compared to last year's. It unfortunately fell over after he went to sleep (to cough in his sleep for 10 hours, that is), but I re-built it when I was out shoveling tonight. Because I'm that kind of dad*.

The other thing we got to do today in our cross-infected state was search around frantically for snow pants and warm headwear. Of course, the kids have all kinds of toques thanks to a grammie that knits hats like she's a sweatshop. Alas, we found enough gear to go out and not freeze our collective tukuses off.

Tomorrow it's (hopefully) back to work after I shovel us out. That is, unless my building happens to be closed. Is it unrealistic to hope for a snow-day on second day of actually having snow?

*I nearly wrote: because that's the way I roll ... snowmen. That was a near miss.

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Anonymous said... 7:05 AM, December 05, 2006  

I live in eternal hope of snow days once December hits. *sigh*

Steph said... 9:22 AM, December 05, 2006  

Ah the joys of playing in the snow with a cold. There's nothing quite like wiping your nose with a woolen mitten.

Anonymous said... 11:17 AM, December 05, 2006  

Be glad you were already home during the snowfall (illness, or no) because the roads were RIDICULOUS. Or the people were, or something. :) I was fortunate, I made good time on the Bi-Hi. I averaged between 30 and 40 KMPH all the way home :) So glad I only lived 2 exits down the road!

Your snowman is beautiful!

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