It's Reveal Your Blog Crush Day!

It's not often I hear about hip, trendy things days before they happen (case in point: Movember) -- but when I heard about "Reveal Your Blog Crush" day earlier in the week from Jen (who heard it high-school style from Ms. Sizzle and somebody called, of all things, "Sandra") I couldn't help but commit to recognizing someone who fits all the requirements of a blog crush:

A) You can't wait to read what they post next.
B) You want to be friends with them.
C) You think they are the cat's meow. Meow!
D) You might find them attractive- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, whatever floats your boat.
E) If you met them in person, blushing might occur.

The rules say multiple crushes are allowed, and when I thought about it, I discovered there was a three way tie for my blog crush. But I quickly decided that was just my way of avoiding making a decision (I'm bold when it comes to self flagellation), when it was clear that one person was head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to blog crushes: Stacy. Stacy, if you don't already know (of) her, is the presiding Queen of Jürgen nation (don't forget the umlaut). Go check it out. I'll wait. But come back today, ok? Because you can lose an entire weekend reading her stuff and looking at her fabulous photography.

Why the crush, you ask?

After Dooce, she was the first big-time blogger I found out about. Taken in by her candor, her humor, and her ability to speak frankly about herself and others around her (with a healthy dose of snark, which I find appealing), she always seemed connected in a way that had me wanting to read more and more. She's got a following, to be sure. But despite that, she responds to comments personally, and I can't think of a time she didn't respond to any of mine, even if she was only saying "that's nice of you to say", or "thanks for stopping by". She makes her readers feel special, even though she claims (don't we all) that she's not doing it for the readers. She's dedicated to her site, improving its functionality and it's form constantly.

And the photography. Oh my. She makes me want to be a better person photographer. Her eye for detail, for framing the unique shot (even if it's of Jürgen, her dog) is undeniable. Heck, her work has garnered national recognition in the press and acclaim from art critics who've seen it all and, frankly, are tired of the copycats. She gets spectacular results from the camera, making me wish I had the time, the ability, and the stuff to go out and do something creative with myself. But it's not all wishing and hoping; I try my best to improve with the limited resources / ability in my purview.

The chances of ever physically crossing paths with Stacy are astronomically small, and it seems she's got quite the connected blog-network already, so I needn't worry much about blushing when and if such a thing were to happen. But I do wonder if I'd ever come up with anything more to say to her than, "I love your stuff." Because I do. I really, really do.

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Sassy said... 10:20 AM, December 15, 2006  

Well, don't leave us hanging! Who are the other 2???

jenny said... 12:23 PM, December 15, 2006  

Wow! I wasn't familiar w/ her, but after looking at her flickr site, I'm completely hooked!

Yay for sharing crushes!

Kris said... 8:27 PM, December 15, 2006  

She is completely crushable. I agree!

And your chances of crossing paths aren't all that small. I consider Stacy one of my best friends, and these little ol' things we call blogs are just how she and I met.


Jurgen Nation said... 9:26 PM, December 15, 2006  

OH. MYGOD. Mike! Do you have any idea how much big my grin is?? I want to give you the Elaine push and say, "SHUT. UP!" in disbelief! (Pretend I just did.)

This is one of the nicest, most special things I've ever had written about me.


themikestand said... 10:24 AM, December 16, 2006  

Stacy: The praise is well-deserved, and well-earned. I wish I could have said even more, but I would have become all gushy and, really, nobody wants that.

Anonymous said... 3:19 PM, December 16, 2006  

what struck me most about your post is that i don't know who my blog-crush would be! maybe mrs flinger ( or rick mercer (

does it count, though, that i've already met rick mercer irl? last christmas, when we were both out "making merry" on the danforth...

themikestand said... 9:04 AM, December 18, 2006  

christine: I read Mrs. Flinger, too. (Probably got there via you, I'm guessing), and Rick Mercer is a worthy blog crush. That you met him is purely a bonus, and a pretty cool thing in all respects.

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