What's Swedish for Dammit?

While turning the contents of 14 cartons into 11 pieces (average cost per carton: $107.14) of IKEA furniture, the following conversation with The Lovely Wife ensued:

Me: Hey, this table goes together the same way as the table* we bought from IKEA five years ago!

Her: Oh, good. So you won’t make the same mistake you made last time.

Me: Hey, it totally could have come with misprinted instructions, and you know it.

Her: [laughing] Yeah, right. Of course the table legs would be mounted on the inside so that the ugly hardware is showing!

Me: C'mon, it was an honest mistake.

Her: At least you’ll get it right this time.

[ …ten minutes later ]

Her: You goof. You’re making the same mistake you made last time.

Me: Bah. What do the Swedes know about furniture anyway?

And now the pictures (since everybody loves pictures):

Opening the Table (Forsby, in case you're wondering) box: Daunting? Not really. Heavy? Uh-huh.

"For god's sake,don't break that beautiful chandelier! Where will the parakeet live??"

The Finished product (chairs = Kaustby)

Right. What the hell do I do with these (= superfluousby).
Ebay, anyone?

a quickr pickr post

Not pictured, but clearly contributing to the total damage staring back at us from our line of credit are the two end tables, the POANG chair and matching POANG ottoman (ottoperson?) . Hey, at least we are starting to feel like we have grown-up furniture in our grown-up house.

* the original table purchased after cohabitation, which then had a ceiling light fall on it, leaving an enormous hole in the veneer, only to be replaced by our landlord -- and then dented badly in approximately the same place by a falling dresser drawer when we moved into our first house. But it'll make a fine extra table when we host Christmas dinner this year. (Oh dear lord, what have I done?)

Day 20

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Megan said... 2:23 AM, November 21, 2006  

Haha. That looks almost exactly like our Ikea table and chairs. The funnest part was hauling it up three flights of windy stairs (oh yeah, then moving all of our furniture back down those stairs on moving day). :) And no, I don't think anybody wants those little screw things.

Anonymous said... 3:47 AM, November 21, 2006  

Congratulations! You have mastered the next step in adult hood -- the Ikea build.

When you find yourself buying a set of your own allen keys because they work better than the ones that come in the box... worry.

sween said... 12:31 PM, November 21, 2006  

Even better is getting used Ikea furniture and having to buy your own Allen key set just to dismantle and remantle the whole bloody thing to get it in the door. Good times.

themikestand said... 3:12 PM, November 21, 2006  

sween: clearly I should be ebaying these things, then, with the target audience being "college kids who move around a lot".

And what size do you need? You can have one of mine. Cheap. :D

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