Weekend Roundup: Choo-Choos, Parades and Sleep

Highlights from the weekend:

  • Attending a train show (attended by families with young kids, by sweet old men and by geeks of all ages in railroad hats. The geekiest also carried expensive video equipment) -- the highlight of which was clearly a Thomas train which captured the attention of a certain Toddler for about half an hour while his brother napped in the on my back in the chid carrier backpack. (Hey, is that why it's called a nap-sack? [Nyuk])
  • Taking The Toddler and Younger Son to their first Parade of Lights and being amazed that two kids can sit (or perch on shoulders) for an hour an a half watching the slowest spectacle known to man. Next year I may take them to a sod farm. Lo, the Christmas spirit has officially descended upon us.
  • On the way to said Parade, while attempting to make a cell call to Pete the Drummer, turning the car stereo down and hearing this from the toddler: "Turn the music up, please. Turn it UP, PLEASE. I TOLD YOU TWO TIMES ALREADY!" The wife and I briefly looked at each other and then stifled our laughter while coughing and looking out the window, both swearing we had NO idea where he got that from. Must be daycare.
  • Bringing two sleepy kids home (well, one already sleeping) at almost 9pm and seeing The Lovely Wife escape laughing from Younger Son's room, only to lead me back in to see Younger Son sleeping face down on the floor. Having been put down on the floor to remove his outer garments, he apparently rolled over and nodded off to sleep. I feel your pain, son; we've all been there.
  • Apparently hitting on the officially pneumoniated Lovely Wife in my sleep (Luckily it came off as cute, not lecherous).
Unfortunately no mini-meatballs were consumed due to poor planning with Sunday dinner and a dinner-time kickoff for the Grey Cup (which is likely to be the blowout everyone expected, but at least Nelly Furtado was good and for once Canada didn't invite the Black Eyed Peas to play). No worries, they'll keep till Superbowl Sunday. I also have wings, which were in impulse buy (but $5 off!).

Also, Younger Son has taken to revolting against the nap, standing up in his crib and refusing to let go of the top rail of his crib. I remember The Toddler doing this and falling asleep standing up, waking when his head hit the top rail, and starting the crying/sleeping/waking pattern over again. Of course, with him the problem was that he could pull himself up but couldn't get himself back down. Not so this time around. Let's hope it's temporary.

Since I'm boring you with trivial aspects of my daily life (What? that's not why you came here?), the Amazing Race-ers are at this moment winging it to Kiev. I hope a roadblock with Vodka is involved.

Day 19

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sween said... 10:08 AM, November 20, 2006  

"Next year I may take them to a sod farm."

Not good when you burst out laughing at your desk at work. Slightly suspicious.

Sassy said... 11:24 AM, November 20, 2006  

I almost fell asleep on the train the other day on the way to work. I feel the Younger Son's pain. How cute.

Not so cute if someone steals my purse while I doze, though...hmmm...

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