Trading Mountains for Ocean

You know, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get tired of living in this seaside town. Sure, it's far away from some of my family, but the fact that I live in a small city which is really a combination of three cities, two bridges, and a neverending bustle of harbour activity.

The new(ish) job affords me dialy views of jack-up rigs, submarines (some who just float, some who actually sail), container ships, mammoth cruise ships, and some pretty spectacular tall ships from time to time. The harbour is the lifeblood of this town, the very reason for its existence.

It's certainly a change from the farm and industry I was used to seeing back home, but this is a lifestyle I had never imagined myself a part of. And I love it.

What more could a prairie boy want?

Day 22

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izenkumon said... 6:38 AM, November 24, 2006  

where is your seaside town? Just wondering as I am on some of those ships travelling around.

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