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Since this is post #200, I thought I would do something special. And it quickly went to pot, so screw it.

Theses are often carried out in predicable ways:

University student:
start by defining the word, perhaps Webste or the OED (too old for that sh*t)

a) try Google Image Search for "200" and "two hundred" (both sucked)
b) try Wikipedia! (bo-ring)

Having struck out on those three fronts, I'll dispense with the bumph and make with the self-reflection by telling you how nice I am. Modesty is a virtue, no?

I'm so nice, in fact, that I allowed myself to get sucked into the neverending loop of consumer surveys. Considering that I used to make my living out of calling people up and asking them
question after question, (when they probably didn't even want to talk to me, let alone give me information or take on responsibilities for finding me information) I try to give back a little. So when people call for surveys, I almost always try to be accommodating (unless I'm heading out the door or sitting down for dinner). After all, I sometimes use this same type of information in my work.

So several weeks ago, when the phone rang (at a not inconvenient hour), I agreed to fill out a week-long diary of my radio listening habits. Knowing that my radio listening habits are both minimal and predictable these days (mainly due to ipod and carpool conversation). They promised that I would receive the token of appreciation (turned out to be a $2 coin glued inside the booklet) and a personalized booklet for every member of the family who wished to take part in the survey (TLW acquiesced, but I, uh... helped fill hers out.) When the week was over, I promptly received a phone call from the firm, asking me if I would please complete the survey and get it back to them in the self-addressed stamped envelope. I assured them I would, and then I did just that.

Then nothing.

A month later (last week), a much LARGER booklet arrives from the same people. It was my (unannounced) Product and Service Questionnaire! Apparently in the joy surrounding the spending of my $2 token of gratitude, I couldn't feel the hook that was firmly embedded in my cheek. I opened the much LARGER booklet and found a $5 bill and a letter, asking once again for my participation in a study focussed on my general residential location. I managed to fill it out in about 45 minutes, but I found the stunningly detailed, so I tried my best to answer questions regarding what types of stores I might shop at during certain hours of the day (or week), how much I might have spent on chewing gum in the last week, and what kind of movies, theatres, or trade shows I liked to spend my money on. I asked myself whether people really pay this much attention to their spending habits before realising that possibly I should be. Regardless, I filled it out and it's in the mail today -- I lied to the nice lady last night who called to remind me that I had received their 60-page booklet (the only call I'd received since I sent the previous survey in.) and would I please get off my ass and send it back in a timely fashion.

I give it less than a week before they call to remind TLW that she has not filled hers in. The prospect of sending it back with the $5 inside (or conveniently missing) has crossed my mind, but who can resist FREE MONEY?

Since post #200 feels like a noteworthy milestone, I feel I should acknowledge a few of the other bloggers writers out there who keep me posting (M. Kennedy and herNaBloPoMo notwithstanding), namely Sween, Brianna, Kris, The Expat, Jen, the former-blogger Tina PoPo, Dustin, and Sarah Marchildon. I'll stop before it includes everyone on the sidebar. Your energy and creativity is inspiring.

Day 28

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Sassy said... 12:14 PM, November 28, 2006  

Just for the sole purpose of busting your balls - why am I not on the list?! *wailing and gnashing of teeth*

Heh. I'm kidding. *smooch*

Brianna said... 1:12 PM, November 28, 2006  

i once participated in a survey for starbucks but i felt obligated to constantly say things like, "I do not think starbucks ever does anything good for communities" and "starbucks constantly hurts the environment and is doing nothing to stop this" even though i knew this was sort of a lie -- i figured if i said i knew they were doing some charitable things they might stop or at least not do more.

I often wish people would call and survey my political beliefs but they never do :(.

congratz on #200!

kalen said... 2:05 PM, November 28, 2006  

... i can't believe you did those survey things. sometimes i am tempted to do them for some ungodly reason.

Anonymous said... 2:52 PM, November 28, 2006  

i have a stack of cookbook magazines as a thank you for filling out SOMEONE's questionairre. every once in a while i break down and actually treat telemarketers and survey filler outers nicely.

SRH said... 5:10 PM, November 28, 2006  

Congrats on the 200. Round numbers always seem significant.

themikestand said... 10:04 AM, November 29, 2006  

sassy: I was in a hurry! I wasn't thinking! Of course you're inspirational (probably more so for the baseball bloggers these days, but I have a feeling now that winter is coming you and I will have a lot more in common.)

brianna: I think SB is actually making some good choices on the coffee buying front. As for putting the mom & pop shops out of business, they're still doing that, so maybe it's a yin/yang thing.

kalen: I don't mind taking part in some of them, as long as I don't feel my privacy is being invaded or I'm being taken advantage of. Plus, the money is...uhh.. well, not so good.

SRH: thanks! I'm sure your post count is far higher. I'm unsure if I'll even hit 300 by this time next year, but it would be a goal. The new job's making it more difficult to post as much (nablopomo aside).

Anonymous said... 7:01 PM, December 01, 2006  

Congratulations, Mike, on hitting post 200! It really feels like a milestone, doesn't it? So glad to 'know' you. :)

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