Saturdays are for Goofy Hats

So as to find something new to do with pictures of my kids (beyond the usual of foisting them on unsuspecting friends and the rest of the general public), I thought about making this one a caption contest.



- Oui, Âllo? Où est les Smarties s'il vous plaît?
- Zut alors! zees hat ees eetchy!
- Un bouteille de Cinquante, garçon!
- ???


- I just flew in from Churchill and boy are my arms tired!
- Whew is dat wascally wabbit?
- What do you mean Northern Exposure is off the air?
- ??

a quickr pickr post

The sad thing is... the beret? It's mine. I actually wore that in univeristy. Not often, mind you...but I wasn't averse to going out in public with it on, all the while maintaining my heterosexuality. Seems to fit The Toddler just fine, though.

Day 18

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