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No waiting room would be complete without magazines. My dentist actually has a broad selection of hip and current publications which include the standards: People, Canadian Business Weekly, home and lifestyle magazines like Coastal Living, and a variety of outdoor activity magazines about biking and windsurfing (he's a hardcore dentist). There may or may not also be Teen Beat, but I only read that for the articles.

Doctors' office magazines should only be handled by the invincible, the brave and the terminally ill.

It used to be that I had no time for magazines. It might have been that I didn't respect what they had to say or how they said it, or it might just have been that I never found a magazine that really appealed to me. But now I'm thinking that I had too much time, which is why magazines never appealed to me: I didn't have the need for something quick to read. Regardless, in recent years, I've found myself leafing through more and more magazines.

I receive a gift subscription every year to National Geographic (which I enjoy immensely) from the in-laws, but other than that we've never been a magazine household. I would also give a subscription to Sail magazine to the FIL for Christmas; it was just an easy fit. Recently we've also been given subscriptions to Parents, and to Prevention (I should have known this one was coming as I'm recalling a childhood filled with Prevention magazines laying around my mother's house.)

But last month that all changed when I ordered us three new magazines: Macleans, Today's Parent*, and something else which has momentarily slipped my mind. I swore to The Lovely Wife that the smokin' Aeroplan reward miles deal had nothing to do with this. But the truth is, we like the magazines and they're not all that expensive, unlike The Economist, which requires a credit check just for the year's subscription, and even then, you're probably not going to get through the current issue before the next one arrives on your doorstep. And The Lovely Wife is loving the new Maclean's.

It's sad to see when good magazines go bad, or completely out of business. Case in point: Men's Fitness, something I used to pick up from time to time in the grocery store, has edged its way closer and closer to being half Men's Health (which I generally have no use for) and half ads for nutritional supplements. Sometimes magazines are too specialized, or are competing in a saturated market. And it can't be easy coming up with fresh, weekly content.

So, Internets, I want to hear it from you. If you do the magazine thing, tell me:

1) Your favourites
2) Your actual subscriptions (or those you routinely purchase)
3) Your secret indulgences

...that is, if you haven't given up magazines altogether in favour of e-zines and podcasts.

*I made the switch to Today's Parent only because it's Canadian and I found the content suited our viewpoint a little better than Parents. But the baby names in the articles are every bit as ridiculous as in the American publication, so that's good.

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sween said... 3:02 PM, November 21, 2006  

I only read one magazine and yes I do have a subscription to it: Entertainment Weekly.

Christine said... 5:03 PM, November 21, 2006  

you read today's parent? i thought that was just for the waiting rooms of child psychiatrists! yikes! all that cuddly and absolutely useless parenting advice, glad to see someone is reading it!

i used to read macleans, and i had a subscription to it, and sometimes at the library i will read "O" which is embarrassing. i sneak around the library like i'm reading porn or something...

Sassy said... 5:43 PM, November 21, 2006  

I love the crap magazines like US Weekly and InTouch for all the celebrity crap-gossip. I can't help myself. I also will pick up a Glamour, Cosmopolitan, or even Vanity Fair if I have the extra $5. But as for subscriptions....we are such dorks. We have a subscription to "Opera News."

Brianna said... 5:54 PM, November 21, 2006  

I get Time (thanks mom and dad), cooks illustrated (awesome) and a literary mag called "The Sun" which I LOVE and am constantly forcing on people. I occasionally buy Ms. and the New Yorker. I *would* get a new yorker subscription if i thought i could keep up with the weekly deliveries, unfortunately I know I'd fall behind and feel ridiculously guilty.
A little tip (not sure if this is a good tip for canada or if it's US only): ebay is the source for cheap magazine subscriptions -- i got cooks illustrated on there for $14 and a friend got the new yorker for $8 (!!!)

Megan said... 3:24 AM, November 22, 2006  

Hmm, I miss US Magazines. While I was there, I had subscriptions to Glamour, Modern Bride,Shape, at one point Newsweek, Organic Style (now out of business). Not subscribed to any here, though I might subscribe to Provence magazine (in French).

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