Keeping Score

With no apparent provocation today, The Lovely Wife approaches me in the bedroom and says*:

"Y'know, I think I've decided that the extra $5 a month for digital cable is worth it. But only for the on-screen T.V. guide"

Score 1 for Mike!

Shortly thereafter, she asks me if I'll tape the Patriots game for her when it comes on this afternoon, because she had to go out to a baptism. But I was not to watch the game. (Cuz, y'know, then we couldn't watch it together, even though I rarely remember who wins, let alone the score.)

My response: "No problem**. You know, I could watch something else while taping your Patriots if we had DVR."

Her: "We wouldn't need the DVR if we didn't have the digital cable."


Me: "Call it even?"

*This is not really what men like to be approached about in the bedroom. But it's a close second.
** This is always the best way to lead your response to anything your wife asks of you.

In other scoring news, I played my first game of indoor ultimate of the winter season last night. The team I was picking up with (led by the illustrious Sween) lost a close one. Final score: 47-24 , which seems more like a football score than an ultimate score, but I guess that's what you get when you play indoor with crazy rules that don't allow for any breaks in the play or resting of any kind. I'm looking forward to more games this winter, if my glutes don't completely revolt.

Day 26

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Anonymous said... 10:54 PM, November 27, 2006  

"if my glutes don't completely revolt."

Mike, I hardly know you--so it's not likely I'd say you have revolting glutes. :)

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