More pumpkins than you could shake a tub of cool whip at.

Last weekend we took off on a family sojourn to a small town in the valley that's famous (ha) for their fall harvest festival, and for their pumpkin people. That is, through the years they've perfected the art of the corn-stalk & value village scarecrow, but with pumpkin heads.

For about a mile or so, front yards and green spaces were decorated with some fairly inventive scenes, from weddings, to tea parties, town hall meetings, and one hard rock concert.

What we saw:

A little Ring Around the Rosie


An RCMP Wedding (Groom's side shown)


Groom/Bride in the RCMP Wedding (dig the Dress Reds)


The Military Band at the wedding.


Some random pumpkin people in front yards


A KISS concert (no kidding)


Something resembling a castle motif


A guy picking apples on a ladder (we're in apple country, y'know)


Also, we went pumpkin picking, which was far more fun than I thought it would be. Naturally, snapping of pictures ensued.



...more pics on flickr.
a quickr pickr post

More fall pictures to come, including kids in leaves. Who doesn't love kids in leaves, I ask you?

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Sassy said... 11:54 AM, October 25, 2006  

I have to admit, I'm a bit frightened by the pumpkin people...but the kids are awesome, as usual!

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