Hallowe'en Apples

I’m not much of a Hallowe’en person. I’m also not much of a theme-party person (“Retro”, “80s” and other names which have you re-buying that embarrassing ensemble you happily wore in High School). In short, events that have me digging deep for creativity aren’t high on my list of things I like. I’d sooner miss a Hallowe’en party than have to plan something, typically at the last minute, to wear. This was all true until I had kids. Something in me won’t spoil their fun, and, except for taking a pass on a party this year, we’ve been pretty good at keeping with tradition.

Hallowe’en costumes of my youth were last-minute, last-ditch efforts to look like something you normally don’t look like. (One year I was a bag of garbage, complete with twist-tie on my shoulder.) A perennial issue was that the Keystone province typically had a foot of snow on the ground by the end of October, so any costume you had in mind had to fit over top of your snowsuit and go well with your boots, toque and mitts, somehow taking all the extra bulk into consideration. We had a lot of hockey players and MacKenzie Brothers come to our door those years, which both fail the test of “dressing up as something you didn’t normally look like”. Another issue is that it’s pitch dark by 6pm, so you’d better be wearing something bright, and it better be visible outside your snowsuit or ski jacket.

Tonight will be the third Hallowe’en for the Toddler, and the first for his little brother. The former will don a brown bear (we don’t have grizzlies out east, ya know) costume, and the latter will swim in a puppy dog costume. The Toddler is insanely crazy about his costume, and at any given time you can hear his “RAAAHR”from somewhere in the house. As Count Floyd says: “Ooh! Scary stuff.” His daycare Hallowe’en party yesterday really got him psyched, though I think the best story to come out of that day was the vision of the Toddler prancing about in nothing but his underwear after shedding his bear costume, because it was too hot to wear pants under their getups.

Last night we carved pumpkins – three, as one of them did not quite make it to Hallowe’en before being ravaged by a neighbourhood critter. The remaining gourds were transformed into a happy face, a toothy smiley face, and a “ghost” face, and if I can get a picture of the Toddler demonstrating his ghost face I will surely post it for all to see. As with all things done for / with children, it took me about 30 minutes to cut, gut, and carve three pumpkins. Award winners they are not, but hey – it’s the thought that counts.

Traditions like this* have to start somewhere, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pass on my humbug-ness to my children. The new house is also in a very kid-friendly neighbourhood, so I have a feeling the Toddler will really enjoy himself as he trips merrily (over his feet) up and down the block begging for candy that his father can eat at work for the next two weeks**.

Stay tuned for the review.

Also, if you don’t know about NaBloPoMo , check it out and join in on the moral suasion fun!

I present The Ghost Face:

* The only other tradition I hold fast to is the tradition of several Irish Coffees on Christmas morning. But I’ve been asked to wait a few more years before sharing that one with the kids.

**On a related note, we think the Toddler at the better part of a 75 piece fun-pack of Cadbury treats. Also, I have gained five lbs. But I’m certain it must have been the Toddler sneaking those delicious little morsels.

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sween said... 10:34 AM, October 31, 2006  

Has The Toddler been at my house too??

Brianna said... 10:43 AM, October 31, 2006  

I would have enjoyed this post more if i hadn't been so distracted by you typing "Hallowe’en." Did you make up that apostrophy yourself or is this another instance of creative canadian/british spelling? All I know is Firefox spell check thinks it's wrong and I support Firefox in all things.

themikestand said... 11:36 AM, October 31, 2006  

sween: The Toddler is sneaky, and crafty. I wouldn't be surprised if he looted your candy stash as well.

brianna: I highly doubt that Firefox's spell checker is the ultimate authority on the English language. Frankly, the apostrophe in Hallowe'en is more etymologically correct than, say, the apostrophes added to children's names these days. I also can't believe that in your 20-some-odd years of literacy, you've never seen it spelled that way. I'm just sayin'....

Brianna said... 11:52 AM, October 31, 2006  

you're using the apostrophes in kids names as your defense? oh yeah, that's *much* more authoritative than Firefox.

Christine said... 9:24 PM, October 31, 2006  

i spell hallowe'en the same as mike here does, although i'm sick and tired of having spellcheck pick it up so my post is entitled 'halloween' without the apostrophe. and mikestand is correct: it's more about the origins of the name than spellcheck friendliness.

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