The Day the Internet Stopped By

IMG_2645.jpgLast week a long-time friend of mine from Israel visited for a couple of days. She was in Montreal on family business and took a side trip to meet me and the family. I have a funny feeling she didn't know the extent of the of mayhem she would witness, but by the time she left, she probably thanked her lucky stars for the liberty and free-time she enjoys back home. (I, on the other hand, look back at my pre-Daddy Days and wonder what the hell I ever did with all that spare time on my hands. I could have been so productive!)

As you've probably figured out, she's something of a shutterbug and came prepared with her Nikon D70S (you may drool now, I'm expected to stop any day now), which meant lots of nice pictures of my torn up backyard, my kids, and scenic tourist traps in the area. Two days doesn't give a person much time to see the sights (especially with the rainy season approaching), but we managed to fit a few things in between the naps, meals, and (almost everyone's) early bedtimes. It does, however, give one plenty of time to enjoy fog, rain, and bone-chilling winds.* We maritimers aim to please.

*along with a several pounds of mussels and apparently too much white wine.

Here are a few shots from the coveted Nikon:

Air drummers entertaining in the van

Loungin' in the backyard

Peggy's Cove

Standing in the Shadow of Greatness

Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove (note: very hard to get a shot without pesky tourists in it)

Peggy's Cove: The Postcard View

Canoodling with TLW (and getting the look that says, "Back off, cheesedog.")

a quickr pickr post

Sorry, no photos from the trip to the Art Gallery. I guess it makes sense that you're not allowed to take pictures in there, but because of that, you don't get to see my puzzled and bewildered face as I pondered Wayne Boucher's work.
In case you were wondering, despite my efforts to find a publishable photo of the visitor in question, the photo atop this entry was still unauthorized for publication. I promise to update if she sends me one I can use. Until then, you'll just have to zoom in and see if you can catch a glimpse through the lens. And I should tell you that she took approximately 6 photos of me while I was getting one shot of her with the old Canon point & shoot. Anyone want to buy me the new D80? Only $1,549!

All in all, it was a long overdue first-time meeting that wasn't long enough to really get beyond chit chat about the most recent events in our lives -- so a little bittersweet in that respect. Maybe a different location (or a better tour guide) would have improved the visit. Regardless... putting hugs to words & images is definitely worth any trouble you have to go through to make it happen.

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Megan said... 2:14 AM, October 24, 2006  

So wait, is the Nikon digital? How did you get shots from it online? Or did you have them developed? Looks like a fun weekend.

themikestand said... 8:59 AM, October 24, 2006  
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stolidmortified said... 10:51 AM, October 24, 2006  

The WHAT D80?

themikestand said... 11:02 AM, October 24, 2006  

Haha... Oops. the NIKON D80. Yes, that and the D70S are digital.


Dunno where that came from.

Christine said... 8:19 PM, October 24, 2006  

very cute canoodling photo.

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