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The early morning news just keeps getting better. Today I learned that in numerous States south of the border (and in Romania?) you can send someone an email notification that they may be infected with an STD.

First, the Dear John letter. Then it was "breaking up over the phone" (or voicemail, or email, or sms...) This is just the next step in getting honest with people you can't (or won't) face, leading me to wonder about other Web 2.0 applications of brutal, yet anonymous honesty.

1. Narcing on the nibbler:

2. Wiley whistleblowing:

C'mon... you've got some ideas. Speak up!

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Megan said... 2:14 AM, September 05, 2006  

The one that I think is the worst is when you give someone a phone number, supposedly yours, and when they call, they get a message "The person who gave you this number is not interested in going out with you." Come on, just say that you aren't interested, you are seeing someone else, or that you just got out of a bad breakup, even if none of them are true.

Christine said... 8:30 AM, September 05, 2006  

I've heard of those "better get checked" emails, too. I thought e-cards and e-flowers were lame enough.. I cannot fathom an email notification that you got herpes. Or worse.

Jessica said... 3:44 PM, September 05, 2006  

I'm thinking that the only thing worse then receiving one of these "STD FYI" e-mails is having it go to your spam.

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