Weekend Wrap Up

This week I'm settling back in from a four day weekend: two days of ultimate and two days of driving. OK, technically just 26 hours of driving, but it really did feel like it sucked up two days.

Unfortunately, the family did not accompany me on this trip, which has its benefits and drawbacks:

Benefit: I didn't have to worry about travelling 1,200km and trying to juggle the daily routines of two young children
Drawback: I didn't get to see the boys until 0600 on Monday morning, after napping for 2 hours in the backseat of a car.

Benefit: No issues arose over child care, sleeping patterns, or crying in the middle of the night*
Drawback: I missed my wife terribly. To boot, she didn't get to play ANY ultimate this weekend and she had both kids, making for no real reprieve from the weekday 2-on-mommy situation.

Benefit: I got to go to Montreal -- city of culture, beautiful uh…scenery, and great ultimate.
Drawback: I experienced little of the city, as I was either in the throes (no pun) of the game, travelling to/from fields, feasting on Ribs at the infamous Bar B Barn, or sleeping in a hotel that was nowhere near downtown or the Montreal Jazz Festival. Boo.

Benefit: Playing some high-calibre ultimate teams from Canada and the Northeastern United States (Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey)
Drawback: I was injured in the first game, so my "game" was slightly impaired for the rest of the tournament and I missed one complete game on the second day.

What's that? How did I get injured? I thought you'd never ask. Y'see, during our first game against a team from Sherbrooke (Québec), I decided to try and block/catch a disc that was going overhead - a standard defensive move, mind you. Anyway, I went up with a guy from the other team, and unbeknownst to me, a third guy was running by, which sort of resulted in him attempting to run through me (perhaps to catch the disc that I was "d"-ing) and ploughing his head into my lower ribcage, causing me to hit the ground like a sack of wheat and imploring my lungs to once again draw breath.

Oh, so you're a visual type? Fine:

(if no diagram shows up here, it's because Blogger is being stubborn today.)

I paid a visit to the tournament physiotherapist / massage therapist / First Aid station to have it checked out a couple hours later, and she surmised that there was no fracture, but some bruising was likely. I was told to ice it and use my personal judgment for the rest of the tournament (which I took to mean, "play if the pain isn't debilitating"). I did sit out of Sunday morning's first game, as I was too sore to sprint and would have been a liability against a fast team that threw long a lot. As of today (Wednesday), it still hurts like hell and I have some difficulty getting in a full breath, but if I had avoided the league game last night, it would probably hurt less. I just couldn't resist ultimate last night.

The tournament itself was great, with some very talented teams in attendance. We came in 11th/12th (no distinction was made), bettering our initial seeding of 20 out of 21 teams. We witnessed some extraordinary skills on some very young teams, including one team from Boston who we're pretty sure was making the best of Québec's lower drinking age on their weekend away from home. We also played a Grand Masters team from Montreal, a team made up of MIT grads, and some young whipper snappers from Philadelphia. The issue with being a "Masters" team (over 33 years of age) in an Open division (no restrictions) is that most of the teams there are capable of outrunning you on defense and offense, so if you're bringing wily skills to the table, they'd better be finely tuned and at the ready, or you're going to get creamed. We avoided blowouts for the most part, and were pretty happy with our results.

Sunday night was spent in the backseat of a car, driving the 13-hour drive home. This was less than comfortable given my injury, but we made it through the fog, the rain, the utter blackness of night, and some random lightning storms in New Brunswick. Monday consisted of trying to stay awake, trying to sneak periodic naps, and general damage control on two kids with colds and an exhausted Lovely Wife who was on the brink of a major allergy attack / head cold (which is now here in full force! Oh joy, oh bliss).

If any good pictures surface, I'll be sure to share them.

For another post on the weekend (which makes little mention of me but does refer to another injury on our team), check out Jason's site.

*there may have been some crying, but only because of my bruised ribs.

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Brianna said... 1:27 PM, July 05, 2006  

me reading this entry:

blah blah blah frisbee blah blah sports bla bl... hahahah AWESOME diagram.

Sassy said... 1:39 PM, July 05, 2006  

that picture is TOO FUNNY. I laughed every time I looked at it...and i went back to it several times. hahahahaha

Oh, but that does suck about your ribs! ouch!

Dustin said... 3:54 PM, July 05, 2006  

Clearly you were wronged by more malicious players. The diagram points this out as your opponents frowny faces indicate their evil intent.

About being wronged, I just tagged you with a meme too. Enjoy!

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