Father's Day Comes Early

Having only been inducted into the ranks of fatherhood two and a half years ago, and having celebrated the Day only twice, there was no ceremony to stand on this year. And it's a damn good thing.
The gift had been in the works for some time now, and due to a few complications, the annual Token of Dad Appreciation was presented to me a week early. Why, you ask? Well...
  1. My lovely wife and SAHM (for a year) has discovered the wonders of internet shopping and having things delivered to your door, saving untold wrestling matches and bouts of will with the Toddler (and his baby brother). This system works well if you have NO discernible deadline and don't care if you get the runaround from "customer care" (man, is THAT a misnomer). Thus, the present would not have been shipped until the Thursday before Father's day, even though it was ordered three weeks early. The result? She cancelled her order and bought the present the old fashioned way*.
  2.  A golden opportunity presented itself on Saturday evening, after we forgot to buy something at the grocery store. How we managed to do this while setting a household record on the grocery bill, I will never know. I swear, we must have paid for the next family's cart as well.
*at a mall.

Another complication, one which surely drives my wife batty, is my complete inability to stop obsessing over things once I get my pea-brain wrapped around them. She's awfully good at listening to me go on and on about this gadget or that tech-y thing that no man / father / boy / teenager / family should live without, but she's yet to find the switch that shuts that part of my brain off after she's already purchased it for me. She did manage to fool me on the iPod gift at Christmas, so kudos to her for that one.

As you may know, I obsessed over this particular coffee maker when my previous workplace was blessed with its presence.  And of course it has haunted me in various retail establishments since that day ("Honey! There it IS!" I'd exclaim.). In the past month, our plain-Jane coffee maker has seemed less than adequate: the hemp filter that we so love has been taking forever to drain and will no longer come clean, the cuppus interruptus feature was broken long ago, and the combination of those two means it takes about 20 minutes to brew a pot.
Contributing to the urgency of the gift-giving is my lovely wife's new obsession with really good coffee. No more coffee-from-that-place-named-for-that-hockey-player, unless it's an emergency or unavoidable. That's right baby, now it's all hoity-toity Steve-O-Reno's or Second Cup, or if we're at home, it's Shade Grown Organic Swiss Water Decaf / Dark Roast (a 60/40 mix just to please us both and not keep the breast-feeder completely wired all day and night).
And the realization that we'd forgotten to buy coffee filters at the grocery store a few hours earlier served to seal the deal. She recalled that it came with coffee filters. Clearly for those folks who just cannot get out of the house fast enough to buy the proper coffee filters and want to test this baby out now yes now RIGHT now FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLUG IT IN.
Click and behold the Cuisinart Brew Central™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker.
Dig the stainless steel. A timer. A carbon water filter. A variable carafe temperature control knob. Key in on that on/off switch. A toggle, my friends. A TOGGLE SWITCH. Gentle reader, I can barely contain my enthusiasm.
And, do I have to tell you that it makes a stunning cup of coffee? Come over. I'll show you. 
Pictures of this delightful little addition in its new home will follow shortly. Rest assured, this will not be the last you hear of it.
And now I know that when the real Father's Day comes along, I'll enjoy a stellar cup of caffeinated goodness in the morning. And it'll be set up the night before, rousing me from my slumber with five gleeful beeps.

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sween said... 10:09 AM, June 14, 2006  

Someone has to tell me -- did he write this much or gush this extravagantly at the birth of either of his actual children?

Sassy said... 2:21 PM, June 14, 2006  

LOL @ Sween...

Congrats on the gift! That's pretty neat-o.

What does SAHM mean, by the way?

Dustin said... 3:08 PM, June 14, 2006  

Careful, your iPod might get jealous of all the attention you're showering on the new coffee contraption. And really, if the iPod made you choose between it or the caffiene dispenser.....I think we know which would go.

jenB said... 3:38 AM, June 15, 2006  

i am probably a coffee philistine to you, but i love love love a Timmy Ho's coffee double cream one sugar. i could have one everyday.

congrats on your new stylin' coffee digs though!!

themikestand said... 8:22 AM, June 15, 2006  

jenB: I try not to judge. But TH is really last-resort coffee in my books. I used to drink it a lot, and actually, it's better out east than it is out west. Maybe it's the water?

sassygirl: sahm = stay at home mom. I thought you read all those mommyblogger sites?!

sween: Either? Oh yeah. I have TWO. Right.

dustin: If I could only figure out how to integrate the iHome speaker system into the Cuisinart Brewmaster. There's my $Million.

Dustin said... 9:58 AM, June 15, 2006  

Omg, that is totally genius. The thing could play various songs that would correspond to the various states that the coffee underwent.

Example: Coffee has been sitting for 2 hrs. Brewmaster plays Foreigner "Cold As Ice"

You bettre patent that mister.

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