I was reading an entry over at the Blogfathers ( and nearly broke down over this quote:

    This weekend I will spend Father’s Day with the man who made me a son and the boy who made me a dad. Because of distance and living arrangements, it’s not often the three of us get time together.

    I love to watch the interactions between my son and his grandpa. There is a side of both that doesn’t exist when I’m in the picture; a simple innocence which each shares with the other. I’m just the man in between.

I miss my father terribly sometimes. This came up just the other day in conversation with My Lovely Wife. She of course understands, and we hold her parents and my mother that much closer because of this. And, while my sons both have one fantastic grandfather in the picture, I can't help but imagine how much he would have loved our kids; the kind of man he'd be around them.  Had he lived 7 months longer he would have met his first grandson.

I've never had any trouble attributing my various traits to one or the other parent. They seem almost obvious. My sense of humour? My father. My inability to make choices? My mother (sorry, Mom!) In much the same way, I'm sure my boys will get certain things from their three grandparents; love of books (Papa aka "the FIL"), love of the outdoors (Grammie), and an unhealthy affinity for Smarties (Me: "Umm, I think that's enough Smarties, Mom!"). What might my dad have contributed to the mix? Surely it would have been something great.

    I understand what it’s like to be a man in so many proscribed roles. It’s amazing my dad balanced as many as he did because there are times it feels like I’m just treading water.

    When I became a father, my dad’s role changed. He didn’t have to provide for this new life; he only had to love. He only had to be a grandpa.

So, here's my belated Father's Day wish to my Dad, who's not here to say "Thanks" and give me a hug.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks for teaching me some of the things that make me a "good dad" to my own kids.

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Brianna said... 6:03 PM, June 23, 2006  

And now i'm teary eyed at work. I hope you're happy.


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