A nonmusical nod: A Podcast with Klass

For all you readers who listen to podcasts on your iPods, you may want to check this guy out. He's Dan Klass, an actor/writer/comedian (not sure about the writer part, but if you're in LA, you probably want to be that triple threat.) who does a weekly show, wherein he talks about the crazy life of being a shut-in (his word), stay at home dad trying to retain some semblance of a performance career on the side. Always entertaining, I assure you. And totally family friendly (to the extent that twice in last week's show he used the phrase "fecal-faced" to describe a certain level of inebriation).

He's apparently also some kind of Podcasting genius, having co-written a book on the subject and contributing to the new ID3 Podcasting web magazine.

The podcast is called The Bitterest Pill, and you can download it here.

Also, he claims to know when people are mentioning his name online, so "Hi from Canada, Dan!". Love your work. And yes, I fell for your April fool's joke about starting to charge $0.50 per podcast. Nicely done.

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Posted bythemikestand at 9:48 AM  

2 stepped up to the mike:

Dan Klass said... 2:53 PM, May 12, 2006  

Thanks for the plug, man.

And that will be $1.50 US for the use of my name in your post.


- dK

themikestand said... 9:22 AM, May 15, 2006  

Man, you're good. And quick.

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