AI5 - Two Finalists, One Sad Elliott

Given that I'm officially between jobs for the remainder of this week, I've been both too busy and too otherwise consumed with other fun things (like tasting scotch at 11 AM in my local liquor store... who knew you could do this??) to blog about American Idol. I even had one complaint. I never knew you cared.

That said, I hear that Elliott Yamin is now out. Unless my wife's lying to me, which might be fun for her.

What do I have to say about this? Not much. My lovely wife also informed me that the votes were split so closely that any contestant could have gone. Not really surprising, unless you don't like Taylor Hicks and figure someone who looks as un-idol-like as he does has no business on American Idol . But whatever.

I did manage to catch most of the performances this week, and thought that the judges'
choices were good and the contestants' choices were less so.

Okay, fine. Since you asked, here's what they sang:

Elliott: Open Arms; What you won't do for love; I believe to my soul
Katharine: I believe I can fly; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; I ain't got nothing but the blues
Taylor: Dancing in the Dark; You are so beautiful; Try a little tenderness

I informed my lovely wife that I thought Katharine would go home, but I secretly hoped it would be Taylor. I just can't see him typifying the type of entertainer today's 8-15 year olds would look up to. I might just as well have said goodbye to Elliott and his uncontrollable vibratto.

Who's gonna win? Katharine. There, I said it.

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Tanya said... 11:47 AM, May 23, 2006  

just to let you know, I sent a complaint to your lovely wife's eastlink acct. I figure you can't be referring to me in this blog entry because you KNOW I care! so that makes 2 complaints. tsk tsk

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