Update: More Marrow for Me

I heard back from Canadian Blood Services yesterday, regarding my confirmatory typing for the Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor process.

They're "releasing me." It turns out they don't need me at this time, which doesn't mean I'm completely off the hook, here. In some circumstances, they call potential donors back for confirmatory typing, but it's not common.

I can only hope that the potential recipient found a better donor, or got better and no longer needed the transplant. My optimism and naïvité know no bounds.

I'm telling myself, "Hey, I was a potential match once. I could be again."


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Murph said... 2:46 AM, April 22, 2006  

Thanks for being available. I donated Marrow back in 1993 for a small Canadian boy. It truly changes your life. In a good way ;) Last week we lost a member of the family to leukemia. She had a couple of donors getting ready, but they just couldn’t get a handle on the disease. It happens sometimes.
You may match with someone else... the chances are long, but it could happen.
Keep flying my friend. Take care.

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