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I don't think I really hit the mark on the title of this post, but I wanted to post something to a certain fan of Canadian Music who, to my delight, actually already has a couple examples of Canadian soundz listed in her left-sidebar (see: Pilate, Sam Roberts) -- your tips for the week are:

  • Feist ("Let it Die") - she's like the where's waldo of my music-fan existence. Always popping up here and there, but never seems to be in the spotlight. I listened to a live thingamajig on CBC radio with her and Kathleen Edwards (with surprise appearance by Ron Sexsmith), which was also incredible. And I can't stop listening to Let it Die on the iPod. Spectactular, it is. Just don't call her Leslie.
  • Limblifter ("I/O") - stands for InOut, but never mind that. Limblifter is based on the work of the Dahle brothers, previously seen in Age of Electric and Alarm Bell. This album is slightly etherial, but for rockier stuff, turn to their previous releases, "Bellaclava" and the self-titled "Limblifter".
  • Martina Sorbara ("The Cure for Bad Deeds") - Sadly, she won't be releasing anything for "the forseeable future", and after reading that I died a little inside, but this album is worth picking up and incorporating into your very being. I tellya, this girl is incredible. She makes her own guitars. Her. Own. Guitars, people!
OK, that's it. I do have one more post in my blog-banks, but it's brief and self-contained, so it can wait. Happy listening, y'all.

UPDATE: Martina's new project, Dragonette, is pretty damn good. I'm a little revived by this. Now if only I could find it at my local HMV.

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jurgen nation said... 7:24 PM, April 10, 2006  

Oh, I heart you. I have some more to add to the list, but I don't know if they're Canadian. They're so good that, if they're American, I'll nominate them for Honorary Maple Leafery.

PS: I will get your suggestions from iTunes tonight. Thank you!!!

Jess Riley said... 4:20 PM, April 11, 2006  

That's it, I need an iPod. And you have to love anyone that makes their own guitars.

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