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The Juno Awards

For those of you who are uneducated in the ways of Canadian musical recognition, the Juno awards come around annually, not unlike America's Grammy Awards. A few differences, however:

1) hardly anyboody outside Canada knows the winners at the Junos
2) hardly anybody within Canada knows the winners at the Junos
3) the 2-hour show is dedicated to the awarding of about 7 actual awards, with the remaining 7 awards having been handed out at an unfilmed ceremony the previous night. OK, so there are more than 14 awards in all, but it just seems a little on the slim side.

Anyway, some highlights and random thoughts:

Michael Buble (who my wife points out is from Ontario, not Quebec as his frenchy name may suggest) walked away with four awards: Best Artist, Best Album, Best Singer, and Pop Album of the Year, all for It's Time, featuring the single "Home".

Let me take a minute to just say that this guy is a class act. He was reflective, funny, gracious, and humble in his acceptance and downright surprise at being given award after award. In his thank-yous:
[after being awarded Best Artist] "And I thought you only liked my music. Turns out you like my paintings, too."
[after winning Pop Album of the Year] "This is incredible. I feel like Kelly Clarkson."

What a guy.

Other Juno comments:
I'd just like to apologize to the world for what you are likely to see on MTV on the re-broadcast of this awards show. Pamela Anderson? Nobody knows why she was invited BACK to Canada to be the host. Thankfully, her hosting duties only consisted of a handful (though clearly more than a handful) of appearances in progressively more acceptable outfits.

Also, no idea why the Black Eyed Peas keep getting invited to Canadian events (see also: Halftime show at the Canadian Football League's final game, the Grey Cup).

Chris Martin is a funny guy. Coldplay can come and humbly perform at our awards ceremonies anytime.

(note: BEP and Coldplay both (?) were recognized for International Album of the Year. A tie, perhaps? Too confusing)

The, uhh, other host, Buck 65, is a fantastic hip-hop artist and a pretty good co-host and voice of the Junos. Check out his stuff. It's good.

Buck also took home the award for Video of the Year, not that it gives you any indication of his vocal talents.

I noticed while they were reviewing the awards not televised, that Esthero's mixer Vic Florencia received Recording Engineer of the Year for "Wikkid Lil Grrrls", a fantastic sophomore album by Esthero. I highly recommend checking out either of her two releases, even though I don't think I mentioned her in the threeme.

Bedouin Soundclash introduced themselves to the dozen or so Canadians who weren't already sick of hearing them on the radio. Despite the latter, they seem extremely talented. Don't let a little overplaying ruin them for you.

Bryan Adams took home the lifetime achievement award. Well deserved, Bryan. A tip of my hat to you and your influence on most every teenager in Canada since 1982.

CTV's red carpet show? Suckage. Half an hour from 6:30 till 7:00, and then the promise of more if I changed channels, only to get the same half hour until 7:30, and another crappy half hour until 8:00 pm. Poorly organized, under hosted (Tanya Kim? oy vey), and it seemed like none of the iterviewees were happy to be in Halifax, or proud to even be at the Junos in the first place. Disgraceful. I hope that doesn't get aired on MTV. Let's just keep E-Talk Daily and the rest of the horrors inside our borders, mmmkay?

There. I'm out. Phewf.

Carry on.

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Sassy said... 1:07 PM, April 04, 2006  

I love me some Michael Bublé. Yummy.

Jessica said... 6:17 PM, April 04, 2006  

Great re-cap!

Big Daddy said... 7:21 PM, April 04, 2006  

Michael Buble' rocks. I am one of the few Americans who knows who he is, it seems.

He and Bobby Darin are my favorite crooners.

Jessica said... 9:43 AM, April 05, 2006  

I had to come by and say thanks for your comment on my recent post - I laughed out loud (coffee, indeed!).

sassyk said... 11:36 AM, April 05, 2006  

Am back from the land of busy and having a good giggle at your American Idol synopsis. Very entertaining. Also I know Buck and can't believe how well he is doing! He used to work at the blower st paper chase. Is really great to read about the Junos as in the UK you just don't get that kind of coverage. Very exciting.

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