In the middle of the street

I'm told that among the more stress-inducing events in a person's life are moving house and changing jobs.

Last week we bought a house.


Exterior view


"Gathering Room" aka Sun Room

Family Room (downstairs)

What you're not seeing:

  • 3 4pc bathrooms (yes. THREE.)
  • 4 bedrooms
  • a den / mud room
  • a living room
  • the garage
  • the yard (sorry, no photos. It was cold when we did our inspection, and therefore no pictures were taken outside.)

I would show you better pictures of the inside, but you're not supposed to take pictures of the inside of the house on your inspection. I don't think the current owners would be all that excited about me publishing photos of their wordly possessions without permission.

That's all you get for now. When I get my own pots and pans in there, I'll annoy entertain you with more pictures.

Looks nice, no? The catch: it's in the 'burbs (but not in a development or a bedroom community, so that's nice for us.) Our "close to downtown but far enough from the wrong side of the tracks" house was nice, but we're tripping over ourselves in there these days.

Closing date: July 31!

Hopefully that gives us enough time to sell our current little piece of heaven (in which we're bursting at the seams). It's going on the market this Thursday, which means we're up to -here- in cleaning, tidying, and junk-culling.

On the block is this fine example of urban dwelling -

(last summer)


Anyone? Anyone? Tell your friends.

Oh. Right. As for the changing jobs? We'll know more soon enough. My poor fingernails don't stand a chance.

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Sassy said... 4:54 PM, April 24, 2006  

CONGRATULATIONS!! Oh, man I want a house. If I thought there was a big operatic opportunity in Halifax, I'd tell Hubby we should buy your house. :)

jurgen nation said... 8:34 PM, April 24, 2006  

Congrats to the Mike Family!!! I hope this doesn't mean you'll be too busy to post and pass along music recommendations. ;)

coolbeans said... 12:33 AM, April 25, 2006  

There will be something yellow planted outside that house before you have people driving by. Get some non-ugly, inexpensive, low flower pots and put in some red and yellow flowers and watch the house sell swiftly.

Yellow is a house-selling color. I know this because I watched a lot of daytime home improvement shows when I stayed home "sick" from school.

Congratulations and good luck!

jenB said... 3:06 AM, April 25, 2006  

FABULOUS! i am so excited for you.

themikestand said... 11:32 AM, April 25, 2006  

Thanks for the congrats, everyone. We're very excited, but are going to hold off on our jumping up and down until the little white house is sold.

Oh, and thanks for the tips, coolbeans. I'll see what I can do about some yellow flowers before Saturday's open house.

sween said... 11:55 AM, April 25, 2006  

What?! You can throw at disc at me on Sunday night but you can't tell me this is going down?! Shocked! Shocked, I am!

But, to paraphrase Poochie: Congrats... TO THE EXTREME!

You must let me know where these "Burbs" are that you are referring to. I recently referred to our locale on the Dark Side as the burbs and was promptly smacked down for my presumption.

Really though... awesome news.

themikestand said... 11:58 AM, April 25, 2006  

You may not have noticed, but at that Ultimate practice most of my breath was reserved for panting (and well-masked puking). Nothing personal.

Actually, there's just so much going on that I forget to tell people about all the little things. I should get some sort of public outlet for that, eh? ;-)

sween said... 12:28 PM, April 25, 2006  

Oh good. I wasn't the only one on the ragged side of the fence. I felt so incredibly out of shape it weren't funny.

Big Daddy said... 7:07 PM, April 25, 2006  

Congrats! The new place looks/sounds huge.

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