Hot German Girls in Cafes

Brianna and Amy have embarked upon a new project: The Alpha Astoria challenge, wherein two girls of German ancestry (just had to point that out, so that they didn't get a bunch of emails written in German - which I'm guessing they would not be able to read) visit Greek Cafes (apparently there are a lot) in Queens, NY, and review their coffees and desserts. Sounds like fun, no?

The best part of this is that they're already getting exposure from Astoria bloggers and in local forums. To Wit:


Queens Eats — Thursday Restaurant Roundup

  • Athens Cafe [Alpha Astoria]
    Two German girls set out to try every Greek cafe in Astoria.....While JIA cringes at the thought of another cafe in the neighborhood.

I urge you all to head on over there and force them to continue enjoy this challenge in all its tasty goodness. Hey, their very first review involves 45 lbs of fried dough. Just try to resist.

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Jessica said... 6:05 PM, April 15, 2006  

This is me long as I keep typing, I can resist - because, well, if I'm typing here, I can't be using my mouse to click over to all of those interesting links you provided. I could be typing here all night. I guess that makes this an opportune time to tell my life story....

I was born in 1973 in Columbia, MO...(sorry, couldn't resist).

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