April Randomness

I figure I'd better get a random posting in here somewhere, as April draws to a close.

So here's the lowdown:

  1. The house goes on the market tomorrow. We've consulted with our very efficient and friendly realtor (who's also a very good friend of ours), and I think we've settled on a price that will hopefully move the house quickly enough, but accurate enough to ensure we get a good return on our investment. I'd hate for this to be one of those deals where the house is way overpriced, and even when it's reduced, people still think something's wrong with it, so it just sits, rotting, on the real estate market. As my mother in law would say, "What odds?" (I think this means, "Whatever".) Open house on Saturday. Come stroll through our pad and root through our drawers while we're not at home. I'll hide something interesting in the house for you to find.

  2. The saga of the Very Important Appointment goes on. I was notified by one of my references acquaintances today that the ball was indeed still rolling, and so I'm hoping for some sort of resolution in the near future. By the end of the day today would be marvellous, but that just means more decision/work/miscelleous stress for the rest of the week. The things we bring on ourselves.

  3. I'm feeling like a bad dad. No, I didn't do anything particularly un-dadly recently, but I just don't feel very effective as of late. The toddler is ... well, the toddler is 2. That should say it all. The baby, however, is another story. He's just not getting the sleep thing very well. And in the middle of the night, I'm not the easiest person to rationalize his needs (a hug, some help sleeping), my needs (more sleep, even though I'm probably getting enough), and my wife's needs (sleep, since she's up feeding at least once through the night, and for me to straighten out my stupid attitude and suck it up). Suffice it to say that we're biding our time, hoping that as he gets older, he'll get the hang of putting himself back to sleep, as long as we keep with the program and try not to drive ourselves nuts all the while.

  4. My Ultimate Frisbee is overwhelming, and I'm barely making it to half the events. I just can't find the time, and even when I do have a little time, my energy level is so low it's disgusting.  Summer League Convenor? So far in name only. Events attended: 0/1. Masters practices attended: 2/3. Masters Training Runs: 0/2.  This can't end well. Plus, my knee is really pissing me off. Dr. Snootypants (another story) says it's probably meniscus, and wrote me a referral to see the doctor that did my ACL reconstruction (ask for pictures!) a few years back. I'm sure this process will only be another, oh, 15 months until it's rectified.

There. I've bitched enough.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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